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What Kind of Student Goes to Sattler?


What Kind of Student Goes to Sattler?

Around this time of year, I start receiving lots of questions from prospective students. The topics vary, but one of the most persistent questions I receive is: What kind of student goes to Sattler?  The most basic answer is: students who desire to be equipped for service to Jesus and His church.  And that is very true. However, I suspect that what they really desire to know is: Do people like me find a college home at Sattler College?

While that answer looks different for every student (and I encourage you to schedule an appointment with me to get a more personalized answer), one of the best ways I can answer this question is by introducing you to some of the newest members of the Sattler community and showing you that, while we all rally around a similar mission and vision, Sattler students come from many diverse backgrounds.

P1092887 2 Incoming students attend our annual New Student Retreat, held in New Hampshire (Front Row (L-R): Abigail, Sasha, Anya, Michaela, Hannah Second Row: Shihua, Grace, Anna, Aleya, Joshua, Maggie, Micah Back Row: Jonathan, Austin, Hosannah, Dietrich, Leandra, Kimberly, Joseph Top: Daniel, Jacob)

This year’s entering class included men and women from 10 different states (IN, MA, ME, NY, KS, OH, OK, OR, PA, and TX), Canada, Mexico, and China.  With an average age of 21, some graduated high school this past spring while others have high-school aged children.  Some will be here for four years and others are just passing through for one. They are single and married, former teachers, business owners, sons, daughters, returned missionaries, and hopeful future missionaries. Some are first-generation Christians and many are first-generation college students.

In short, there is no such thing as the “average” Sattler student.  A Sattler student is anyone who wants the tools to prepare for impact in the world under the banner of Christ the King. So, the real question you should be asking is: Does that describe me?

If you have questions about whether or not you would make a good Sattler student, schedule a meeting with someone from Admissions.

And, if you already know that Sattler is the place for you, don’t delay! Start an application today!

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