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Admissions Instructions

We seek students who are passionate about being trained as bi-vocational disciples through world-class academics and relational discipleship grounded in the life and teachings of Jesus as expounded in the Sermon on the Mount.

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Submit the Online Application

All applicants are required to create an account in our application portal. You can then complete the application at your own pace by filling out the required fields, requesting references, and uploading relevant documents. Relevant documents include unofficial test scores, unofficial transcripts, a profile picture, and two essays. While we can evaluate your application based on unofficial scores and transcripts, we will be official scores and transcripts in order to enroll.  

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Request Supporting Materials

We invite applicants to self-report scores. While we can make an initial evaluation based on self-reported scores, we will not make a final decision until we have received official transcripts and scores from issuing institutions. Any discrepancies between self-reported scores and official scores may result in disqualification. 

After submitting your online application, your dashboard will display a checklist of supporting materials we still need. The dashboard will update in real time as we receive these materials. 

Supporting materials may include (but are not limited to):

  • Official scores from a recent standardized test (SAT, ACT, or CLT)
  • Official high school and/or college transcripts
  • Official proof of English proficiency (international applicants)

Most official documentation can be requested through your online application portal. Any documentation not requested through your portal must be sent to alapp@sattler.edu.

Schedule an Interview

Each student who submits an application is asked to complete a pre-acceptance interview that can take place either in person or virtually.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a link to schedule your interview. Interviews are typically 30-50 minutes long and can be conducted virtually or in person with a person of the same gender. 

After your interview is complete and we have received all necessary documentation, your application will be reviewed. 

Application Deadlines for Fall 2023

Early Action Deadline November 15, 2022
Priority Deadline February 15, 2023
Final Deadline June 15, 2023


Admissions Criteria and Requirements

Sattler College seeks applications from students who are academically prepared and missionally driven. Our application process is designed to facilitate a relationship with you. We want you to get to know us and we want the opportunity to get to know you. While our application is more rigorous than some, each component facilitates this mutual relationship. 

Required Submissions

Below is the list of requirements for applying to Sattler College. More details are provided below. Each applicant must submit an online application at apply.sattler.edu. Included in the online application is: 

  1. Demographic, personal, past academic, and future academic information
  2. One response essay: Write an essay of at least 250 words responding to a provided essay prompt that involves listening to or watching a recording or reading a document, then commenting on the issues raised.
  3. One personal statement: This essay should be between 100-200 words long and should answer this question: Who are you and what do you value?
  4. One academic reference (e.g. a teacher or tutor)
  5. One character reference (e.g. mentor or pastor)
  6. Standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, or CLT). See below for submitting official scores.

Sattler welcomes applications from students who have acquired their secondary education in a variety of settings, including traditional private and public high schools in the United States or in other countries, as well as students who have received their secondary education at home.

The following official documents can be submitted and/or requested through the online application portal or sent to admissions@sattler.edu.

  • High school diploma or high school equivalency diploma
  • Official high school transcripts
  • Official college transcripts (transfer students)

Completion of Secondary Education

All applicants submit evidence that they have earned one or more of the following:

  1. a high school diploma,
  2. a General Education Development certificate from the American Council of Education or a state-specific equivalency diploma test,
  3. a home study certificate or transcript from a home study program that is equivalent to high school level (see more on homeschooling below), or
  4. the foreign equivalent of a U.S. high school diploma that meets standards established by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (see international requirements below).

Applicants must also submit official high school transcripts.

Home School Requirements

For home-schooled applicants, an academic portfolio is required and may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Verification that the home school has been recognized by the applicant’s state of residence.
  • Detailed outline of the home-school curriculum, including subject areas, studied, time spent on each discipline, and, if applicable, grades awarded. A homeschool transcript may fulfill this requirement.
  • Résumé of classes taken outside the home.
  • If the student took classes offered by a college or university, official transcripts are required.

Standardized Test Scores

Applicants must submit results of standardized tests such as the American College Test (ACT); the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT); SAT subject tests; or the Classic Learning Test (CLT). Applicants are urged to apply for and take one of these tests well in advance of the semester for which they seek admission. If an applicant has already completed at least one semester of undergraduate education, the applicant is not required to submit test scores but is strongly urged to do so, especially if seeking financial aid since merit-based aid is calculated on the test score percentile.

Use the following information to submit official test scores to the Admissions office:

  1. SAT code: 7570
  2. ACT code: 7938
  3. CLT: Select Sattler College from CLT’s list of schools.

Verification of Documentation

Sattler College reserves the right to verify all documents submitted in an application for admission. Offers of admission are contingent upon receipt of official documentation. Any falsification of admission documents or portfolio materials constitutes grounds for termination of application procedures or dismissal.

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International Applicants

Sattler College welcomes applications from international students. The admission requirements for international students include all the requirements for U.S. citizens (see above) as well as the additional requirements listed in this section. The additional requirements are explained below.

Following is a list of steps for international student applicants:

  1. Complete the three steps for all applicants (submit an online application, request supporting materials, and complete an admissions interview).
  2. Request official evaluation of foreign high school or university transcripts.
  3. Submit English language proficiency scores from TOEFL iBT, IELTS, PTE Academic, or Duolingo English Test (see below for minimum scores)
  4. Submit financial documentation. (Affidavit of financial support and bank statement).
  5. Submit a copy of your passport (the page containing your picture).

Once you’re accepted:

  1. Pay your Sattler confirmation deposit.
  2. Request express mailing for your I-20 and admission letter.
  3. Pay the SEVIS fee.
  4. Apply for a student visa (F1) and schedule your visa interview.
  5. When you are issued a student visa, make your travel arrangements.

English Language Requirement

If English was not an official language in your home country and if you have studied at an institution where English is not the primary language of instruction we require you to demonstrate a current level of English proficiency by achieving the required minimum scores on one of the following tests:

  1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) iBT: 74+
  2. International English Language Testing System (IELTS): 6.5+ and a score of at least "high advanced" on the writing proficiency portion of the test
  3. Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic): 50+
  4. Duolingo English Test: 110

If you are from a country where English is an official language or have studied extensively at an institution in which English was the primary language of instruction, no additional proof of English proficiency is required for admission evaluation.

Document Evaluation

In order for us to evaluate your application to Sattler College, we need to have your transcripts and/or diplomas verified by one of the following evaluation companies. You cannot be admitted to the College if we do not receive verification of your documents. Evaluation reports can be sent to Sattler College by the following means:

Emailed to: alapp@sattler.edu
Mailed to the following address:
Sattler College Admissions Office
100 Cambridge St Suite 1701
Boston, MA 02114

World Education Services (WES)
P.O. Box 5087
Bowling Green Station
New York, NY 10274-5087
Tel: 212-966-6311
Fax: 212-739-6100

How to submit document evaluations through WES:

  1. Go to https://www.wes.org/.
  2. Click "Get an evaluation" and follow the steps to create an account.
  3. Follow the instructions from WES to submit your documents for review. Please order a course-by-course evaluation.
  4. Add "Sattler College" as a recipient.
  5. Pay the fee to complete your submission.

Going through this process will be valuable for future graduate school applications as well as for employment opportunities. Your WES credentials will never expire and you will be able to use them for job and graduate school applications in the future.

We are working to expand our list of evaluation companies. Please use WES until more companies are listed below.

Transfer Students

Application steps for transfer students

Sattler College admits transfer students for both the fall and spring semesters. Transfer students must meet the eligibility requirements for admission consideration set forth in the Admission Criteria and must follow the admission processes above. Additionally, transfer students must request their current or previous college to send official transcripts to admissions@sattler.edu.

Because of Sattler College’s unique academic and discipleship emphases, only a limited number of college credits earned at other institutions may be transferred into an incoming student’s Sattler degree program, subject to the regulations below. Sattler grants credit for work done at another college or university on an individual basis after careful evaluation.

An applicant seeking to transfer credits to Sattler is responsible to ensure that transcripts of all previous college-level work are sent directly to Sattler from the institution. Transcripts are not accepted from students. Once accepted, Sattler will evaluate the student’s transcripts for possible transfer credits. Transfer credits are accepted on a provisional basis; they do not become a part of the student’s permanent record at Sattler until the student has successfully completed one semester of resident study leading toward a degree from Sattler.

Upon completion of the credit review process, students will be notified of the decision by the Registrar. A student wishing to challenge course credits deemed ineligible for credit must file a written appeal with the registrar, who will bring the matter to the attention of the Faculty Academic Committee. Within 10 business days of receipt of the appeal, the chair of the Faculty Academic Committee will notify the student of the Faculty Academic Committee’s decision, which is final and unappealable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question here? Contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Does Sattler accept Transfer students?

Yes!  See our admissions requirements for transfer students.

What is the difference between official and unofficial transcripts??

Unofficial transcripts are copies of submitted by a student. Official transcripts are sent directly from the issuing institution (high school, college, or testing service) to the Admissions office. Please have all official transcripts sent to admissions@sattler.edu.  

What is Sattler looking for in an applicant?

Sattler College enrolls first-time applicants who present clear and compelling evidence of having completed an academically rigorous program of education at the secondary level, and transfer students with comparable secondary education who have demonstrated, through enrollment in an accredited college or university, that they are capable of succeeding as students in an academically rigorous college.  All students enrolled in Sattler College are also required to demonstrate their strong commitment to the fundamental values of Sattler as a Christian college.

What is the student's relationship to the founding precepts?

Once enrolled, students are asked to sign a Student Agreement where they commit to "Read, understand, and respect Sattler College’s Founding Precepts." (See 2022-23 Student Handbook, p. 3)

Do you accept homeschooled students?

Yes! In fact, 50% of our current students come from a homeschooled background.  Take a look at our Homeschooler’s Guide to College for more information on how to prepare for college.

Can I use a family member as a reference?

We do not allow family members to serve as references for applicants.  The only exception is for homeschooled students who may use a parent as an academic reference, provided the parent served as their primary educator.

Do I have to take a standardized test?

Yes. We accept scores from any ACT, SAT, or CLT taken within the last 5 years. We also practice super-scoring—combining your highest scores from each exam to give you the best possible final composite score.

Do you accept international students?

Yes!  See our admissions requirements for international students.

Do I need a high school diploma to apply?

All applicants must have either a high school diploma or GED.

Can I visit Sattler?

Yes. We would love to host you for a visit. For more information check out our Come and See page.

How do in-state and out-of-state tuition costs differ?

They don't. Tuition rates are standard for all students. See Cost of Attendance for more information.