Dual-Degree Program

Dual-Degree Program

Study at Sattler and Prepare for a Specific Career

Sattler College is pleased to partner with Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) to offer opportunities to earn two bachelor degrees for the price of one. Through a “dual degree” program, students can combine one of Sattler’s classic liberal arts degrees with a more narrowly-focused career-oriented degree offered by IWU.  Sattler students may pursue Bachelor of Science degrees from IWU in the following fields:    

Social Work*

Early Childhood Education*

Addictions Counseling


Healthcare Administration

Human Resource Management

Information Technology Management

Psychology of Human Relations



IWU, a large university affiliated with the Wesleyan (Holiness) Church, has developed extensive online course offerings, making it possible for Sattler students to complete both degrees while continuing to live with their Sattler friends and participating in Sattler’s intimate discipleship program.  Students choosing a dual-degree path would enroll in a mix of in-person Sattler courses and online courses from IWU during most semesters during their sophomore, junior, and senior years.  Senior Capstones would be designed to apply skills learned in both degree programs – such as student teaching at an elementary school for the Early Childhood Education and History majors, or an internship with a Christian drug rehabilitation center for Addictions Counseling and Biblical and Religious Studies.  

If you are interested in one of these dual-degree options, please let our Admissions Officers know, and they will connect you with an administrator who can outline a course of study that is tailored to your unique combination of interests.  


*These degrees prepare students for state licensure in Indiana. Actual licensure will depend on student performance on state examinations administered after completion of the degree program. Transferability of Indiana licensure to other states depends on individual states’ policies. Sattler administrators are happy to answer questions about licensure in these fields.