Boston: Grounded in History

Boston: Where Revolutions Begin

Sattler College is a Christian College located in downtown Boston. When Sattler was still in the vision phase, one of the big questions to answer was,

“What is the best location in the US to start a new college focused on equipping Jesus’ Peaceful Revolution?”

After consideration, Sattler College was established in Boston, Massachusetts, because Sattler College wanted to give students the opportunity to study in a location that is steeped in:



Spiritual Revival


Boston: a World-Leader in Higher Education

Boston is home to many other top-tier colleges like Harvard, MIT, and Boston University. This academic hub draws brilliant minds from all across the world to learn, plan, dream, and revolutionize their fields. What better place for Sattler College to start a revolution of its own?
Boston is also one of the most famous medical and business centers in the US. For example, Boston is home to over 1,000 biotech companies ranging from startups to billion-dollar companies. This helps students network, get internships, and find jobs. Also, it exposes Sattler students to a wide variety of ideologies and cultures, thereby broadening their horizons.
Sattler College students have the opportunity to connect with some of the brightest minds by living in Boston. Students from all over the world come to Boston to learn, grow, and seek truth. This gives our students unique opportunities to share their faith with local college students. Check out How Two Sattler Students Combine College with Evangelism.


Boston: America's Beginning

In US history, Boston stands out as one of the most important cities in the country. In 1630 Puritans from England founded the city of Boston. In 1636, they established Harvard University, further securing Boston’s position as a leading city among the colonies
The Boston Massacre in 1770, Boston Tea Party in 1773, and Paul Revere’s famous night time ride in 1775 located Boston as a permanent fixture in American History.
Sattler College’s location in Boston gives students unique opportunities to learn from the political, academic, and spiritual revolutions that have shaped Boston. Sattler College seeks to carry on this legacy of revolutions, pushing students forward to spread Jesus’ Kingdom.

Spiritual Revival

Boston: a Center for Spiritual Revolution

While Boston is famous for its history of revolution in the American War of Independence, it is also a city of many spiritual revivals and revolutions.

In 1740-41, during the First Great Awakening, George Whitefield held revival meetings in Boston. People from Boston and surrounding areas flooded to hear him preach. Whitefield had a booming voice and reportedly preached to around 23,000 people in the Boston Common. This was an astonishing reception of spiritual hunger, especially given the entire population of Boston at that time was only around 17,000.1

Spurred on by the Second Great Awakening, local Boston churches began forming missionary committees in the 1820’s. A tide of missionary zeal and spiritual awakening spread throughout Boston, resulting in many churches, but specifically Park Street Church and Old South Church sending out waves of missionaries to destinations around the world.2

As Sattler students walk by Park Street Church regularly on their walk to school, they will be reminded of the spiritual fervor and foreign missions that were started in Boston. This spiritual history of revival and evangelistic missions inspires students at Sattler College to continue to spread the Kingdom in their own generation.

In 1877, D.L. Moody, who had originally come to Christ while working at a Boston shoe store, came back to preach in Boston. His months preaching in Boston stirred up tremendous spiritual revival and fervor. And in the 20th century, Billy Sunday and Billy Graham both preached to packed churches, arenas, public spaces and brought renewed vigor and desire for God.

Boston’s strong history of revolution and revival inspires Sattler College to equip students to begin a new spiritual revolution in Boston. Sattler hopes to cultivate an atmosphere of spiritual depth and renewal where college students rise up to spread the Kingdom of God.

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