We seek students who are passionate about being trained as bi-vocational disciples through world-class academics and relational discipleship grounded in the life and teachings of Jesus as expounded in the Sermon on the Mount. Ready to join Jesus' peaceful revolution?

For Transfer and International Students

Sattler College welcomes applications from international students. The admission requirements for international students include all the requirements for U.S. citizens (see above) as well as the additional requirements listed in this section.

Admission Process

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Financial Aid

We are committed to making a world-class education affordable.

100% of students

receive some form of financial aid.


is the average amount of aid students receive.

3+ Types of Aid

available to all students based on academic performance, need, and availability of funds.

Unique Scholarships

for those standout students based on academic performance and other factors.

Application FAQ's

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Does Sattler accept Transfer students?

Yes! See our admissions requirements for transfer students.

What is the difference between official and unofficial transcripts?

Unofficial transcripts are copies of submitted by a student. Official transcripts are sent directly from the issuing institution (high school, college, or testing service) to the Admissions office. Please have all official transcripts sent to

What is Sattler looking for in an applicant?

Sattler College enrolls first-time applicants who present clear and compelling evidence of having completed an academically rigorous program of education at the secondary level, and transfer students with comparable secondary education who have demonstrated, through enrollment in an accredited college or university, that they are capable of succeeding as students in an academically rigorous college.  All students enrolled in Sattler College are also required to demonstrate their strong commitment to the fundamental values of Sattler as a Christian college.

What is the student's relationship to the founding precepts?

Once enrolled, students are asked to sign a Student Agreement where they commit to “Read, understand, and respect Sattler College’s Founding Precepts.” (See 2022-23 Student Handbook, p. 3)

Do you accept homeschooled students?

Yes! In fact, 50% of our current students come from a homeschooled background. Take a look at our Homeschooler’s Guide to College for more information on how to prepare for college.

Can I use a family member as a reference?

We do not allow family members to serve as references for applicants. The only exception is for homeschooled students who may use a parent as an academic reference, provided the parent served as their primary educator.

Do I have to take a standardized test?

Yes. We accept scores from any ACT, SAT, or CLT taken within the last 5 years. We also practice super-scoring—combining your highest scores from each exam to give you the best possible final composite score.

Do you accept international students?

Yes! See our admissions requirements for international students.

Do I need a high school diploma to apply?

All applicants must have either a high school diploma or GED.

Can I visit Sattler?

Yes. We would love to host you for a visit. For more information check out our Come and See page.

How do in-state and out-of-state tuition costs differ?

They don’t. Tuition rates are standard for all students. See Cost of Attendance for more information.