Faculty Directory

Welcome to the Faculty Directory

Sattler College is a unique educational institution that is committed to equipping students to bring about Jesus’ peaceful revolution. At Sattler College, the faculty members are highly trained, coming from some of the top Ivy-league schools in the world. They are passionate about their work and committed to helping students achieve their full potential.

To learn more about the faculty at Sattler College, students can use the online directory. They can filter by department and click on the professor they want to learn more about. Each professor’s page includes a biography, their areas of expertise, and any publications or research they have done. This helps students make an informed decision when choosing classes.

Our Faculty

Nelson Chepkwony

Assistant Professor of Biology

Dylan Heidrich

Instructor of Greek and Campus Operations Coordinator

Justin Cox

Instructor, Greek and the Humanities

Derrick Tate (Head of CS Department)

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Jesse Scheumann (Head of the BRS Department)

Associate Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies

Harrison Miller

Adjunct Faculty in Communications and Director of The Writing Center

Hans Leaman

Academic Dean, Associate Professor of History

Beth Bennett

Assistant Professor of Biology

John Jones

Assistant Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies