Dorm Life

Dorm Life

Building Student Community

Learning and growing at Sattler doesn’t end when you leave the classroom. In some ways, this is where growth truly begins. Students have the opportunity to navigate daily life and build friendships with fellow students.

Dorm life is one of the most formative and important pieces of a student’s college experience, and Sattler strives to create a strong, family-like community in the dorms.

Students eating a meal in the 237 Beacon St cafeteria of the Sattler dorms.
Sattler students playing spikeball at the Toah Nipi retreat center in New Hampshire.


In the heart of Boston’s safe, upscale Back Bay neighborhood, the Sattler dorms provide a unique location for various fun activities for students. 

Whether you’re a nature-lover, bookworm, or die-hard coffee addict, Back Bay is the neighborhood for you. If students want to study at a local coffee shop, borrow some books from the library, or take a stroll along the river, the dorms are at the perfect location. In a few minutes, students can walk to the Boston Public Library, the Charles River Esplanade, the Boston Common, the Public Garden, or numerous coffee shops, eateries, and shopping centers. 

The Sattler dorms are also walking distance from campus. The walk from the dorms to campus takes students through the middle of the Boston Public Garden and the Boston Common, which is America’s oldest public park. For many students, this scenic walk is a favorite time to soak in the beauty of nature, process what they’ve been learning, or meet locals who are relaxing in the park.

For more community recreation, read below about Sattler’s social life at the dorms.

Social Connection

Whether students want a focused evening of studying or a relaxing evening of prayer and worship, Sattler students can find a comfortable and welcoming social environment at the dorms. Roommates, friends, and RAs help to mentor, disciple, and encourage students in their personal lives at the dorms.

On the weekends, Sattler’s student life committee often plans various social activities like game nights, volleyball in the Common, hiking a nearby mountain, or outdoor worship nights to give students a chance to have wholesome fun with fellow students.

Sattler students eating at the IGH dormitories.
Sattler student participating in a Zoom class from his dorm room.


Not only are the dorms a great place to make connections with fellow students, they also come fully equipped with the practical essentials needed to establish your temporary home away from home.

College students are known for being hungry! With this in mind, residential students are provided with a hearty breakfast and dinner each day at the dorms (lunch is on campus). Each room also comes equipped with a common microwave and refrigerator to satisfy any snacking needs.

In addition to a shared microwave and refrigerator, each student is provided with a bed, desk, chair, and dresser and, since many of our students are travelling from far away, bedding and linens are also provided.

The International Guest House maintains the dorms and washes student linens on a weekly basis.  Students also have in-building access to laundry facilities for their personal laundry needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the dorms located?

The dorms are located in Boston’s historic Back Bay neighborhood, a short walk from campus.

Do I have to live in the dorms?
All Sattler students must reside in the dorms except for married students, students living locally with their families, and students over the age of 30.
Can I bring my car?

Thanks to the central location of the dorms, the walkability of the Back Bay area, and the great public transit system in Boston, we find that most students do not need a car to get around. 

While there is no rule against bringing a car, there is no parking provided and street parking is not allowed for college students.  We would strongly advise leaving your car at home.

Will I have a roommate?


Can I bring my cat, dog, fish, iguana, giraffe, etc.?

Pets are not allowed in the dorms but please bring pictures of your giraffe!