Why Join Sattler College

The modern higher education system rarely tends to the yearnings of the soul, nor inspires the passions of the heart. It fails to educate young people holistically for a life well lived. It is often hostile to faith, too expensive and academically weak. We need nothing short of a revolution.

Meet Our Employees

Lisa Covington (Chief Academic Officer)
I love working in an uplifting, Christian environment, with Godly colleagues and students. I appreciate that Sattler promotes excellence in education and fosters discipleship.
Lisa Covington
/ Chief Academic Officer
I appreciate that I am surrounded by people who want to grow academically and spiritually and urge me toward the same. I also like that Sattler encourages (and creates space for) employees to invest in their families and neighborhoods.
David Glick
/ Director of Student Life (Men)
At Sattler I am surrounded by a passionate and catalytic community eager to apply Christ's "kingdom cures" to problems that we care about most.
Zack Johnson
/ President

Open Positions

If you are interested in working for Sattler College please select your desired position and follow the application process on Trinet.