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Check out the opportunities below to see what would suit your interests and skills. If there are none available, please talk to your academic advisor for ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capstone project?

A capstone project is a culminating academic experience that is typically completed by students at the end of their degree program. It is a capstone to the student’s learning, and it is designed to demonstrate the student’s mastery of the knowledge and skills that they have acquired in their program.

What's unique about a Sattler Capstone?

Your capstone project at Sattler pulls together numerous elements of the student experience: the spiritual growth from discipleship, your vision for post-Sattler life, and the large amount of information learned through your classes, to name a few.

The project is all about creating a bridge between your learning and real-world application. Read more by browsing this blog post.

Do you have to change the world through your capstone project?

No! However, we encourage students to push the limits of what they believe is possible for themselves. Also, you will be putting a significant amount of effort into this project. Make it worth your time!

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