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Building a College Experience Rooted in Christian Discipleship

Christian Discipleship

Building a College Experience Rooted in Christian Discipleship

College is typically a time when young adults embark on the pursuit of personal growth. Often this means leaving home and joining a community of people who are all working toward a similar goal. Unfortunately, the college experience often lacks depth and integrity.

What if the pursuit of personal growth included both academic and faith formation? What if a community could help bring college students closer to Christ instead of pushing them further away?

As the world becomes increasingly secular, our hope rests in the faith of young people to shape the future of society. How their faith journey is nurtured during college can make a huge difference on the effect they can have on the world.

Christian Education in Today’s World

One of the major goals of a college education should be to learn and grow in truth. However, with so many colleges denouncing Christian principles, absolute truth can be difficult to find in academia. At most schools, even many Christian ones, Christ is no longer seen as the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning, leaving each institution, professor, and student to form their own understanding of truth and foundation of knowledge.

Students are graduating with degrees that are not preparing them to defend truth — resulting in rampant relativism that jeopardizes the virtues that are critical for society to prosper. Caught in a vicious cycle, the modern American college has become a breeding ground for the secularization of society.

Interested in a college experience rooted in truth and excellence? Learn about our revolutionary approach to higher education.

The Importance of Discipleship for Christian Students

Not only is a Christian foundation beneficial to society, but a Christ-centered perspective on life can bring about miraculous changes in your own life. Having a solid faith foundation in college is crucial for students’ personal, academic, and spiritual growth. Their faith will guide them through difficult decisions and stressful events when things might otherwise get confusing.

When education is grounded in absolute truth, it exposes us to the depths of human history and existence and provides meaning and purpose to our lives on Earth. When we understand and comprehend the truths of the Bible, we are able to adequately confront the current world because we have a full and comprehensive perspective of its origins. Entering a career firmly rooted in biblical truths will allow you to build the Kingdom on Earth and share these truths with the world.

One of the most vital ways to build your faith is to surround yourself with an intentional community that is committed to the same values that you hold. Humans are designed to live in community because it can help us grow as disciples. Proverbs 27:17 states it best: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” We need strong Christians around us to support our journey and to keep us from growing dull.

Radical Idea: A Christian College That Focuses On Christ

Dr Will Oliver teaching

Our approach to faith and education is unique among colleges today. Our goal is to equip young people to serve the church through spiritual growth and character development that is firmly rooted in biblical truths. Young people face an onslaught of obstacles and temptations from a society that seeks to destroy their faith. Choosing a college with a deeply biblical (not merely nominally Christian) worldview will help them fight the good fight.

To become a true Christian disciple, we need supportive, like-minded people around us who can help us grow and hold us accountable. At Sattler, we prioritize intentional, relational discipleship as a vital part of our community and is woven into our curriculum in three notable ways:

  • Journey Groups: Our student discipleship curriculum begins on your very first day at Sattler. You’ll be placed in a journey group that will walk with you throughout your entire college experience. Journey groups help build a community of leaders who desire to grow in their commitment to Christ and share their passion with others.
  • Life Mapping: A college education should be about more than just career preparation, which is why we are committed to helping you build a future that integrates all parts of your life, regardless of career path. We believe in building your life around the church, not vice-versa. At Sattler, we help with life mapping, an approach that incorporates Christ into every aspect of your life and vocation.
  • Faculty Mentorship: Your professors are more than just teachers, they are active participants in your academic and spiritual development. As Christians who understand and share a biblical worldview, your teachers will support the integration of absolute truth into everything you learn. They will serve as mentors who will guide and support you as you prepare for your role in God’s Kingdom.

By incorporating Christ into everything we do, an education from Sattler College will impact every aspect of your life. From your first moments on campus, you will be part of a like-minded Christian community that shares a commitment to knowing Christ and following Him with their whole lives.

Christian Discipleship at the Heart of the College Experience

The Sattler College curriculum is designed to be in-depth, intense, and life-changing. Our degrees are more than just a piece of paper and title. Students leave Sattler fundamentally changed by deepening their understanding of truth and what it means to learn.

Our approach to education considers each student’s unique role in God’s plan and nurtures the development of the whole person. Sattler students, alumni, faculty, and staff are committed to assisting you as you prepare for a lifetime of impact for Jesus and His Church.

Sattler College is radically changing the paradigm for higher education. Discover our revolutionary approach to the college experience and how it could benefit you!

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