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My Experience at an Admitted Students’ Weekend and Why You Should Attend One

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My Experience at an Admitted Students’ Weekend and Why You Should Attend One

My first Boston experience came in April 2018 at Sattler’s first Preview Days event (then known as Admitted Students Weekend or ASW). Prefacing the visit was a phone interview with Zack Johnson—then Sattler’s Director of Operations—and dozens of Google searches scraping together information on Sattler and whatever I could find on any potential classmates. I was part of the inaugural class, and not much was known about the structure of the college in the early days before the first class arrived. I felt like I was entering Sattler in the dark. Thus, it was imperative that this short weekend visit cast a clear vision for what life as a Sattler student would look like, address my questions and concerns, and affirm Sattler’s ability to confidently train students academically and spiritually.

Admitted Students Weekend did just that. I left the weekend more certain than ever that I wanted to spend the next four years in Boston at Sattler College. The weekend in Boston allowed an adequate portrayal of the college experience, more than was possible through any amount of marketing material. As with most things, COVID-19 shut down last year’s in-person event. This year, ASW has been expanded into Sattler Preview Days—an opportunity for people to visit Sattler without having already been admitted. From my ASW experience, there are several reasons you should attend:

  1. Get immersed in the life of a Sattler student. The Sattler Preview Days will allow students to sit in on several classes, fellowship over meals with current students and meet the professors. It is an excellent opportunity to live as a Sattler student for a few days.
  2. Find clarity over your future. Whether you are deciding between multiple college acceptances, considering whether or not to pursue higher education , or wanting a year focused on biblical studies, no better opportunity exists to see firsthand if Sattler is the path for you. This is your chance to explore future life-opportunities with no risk.
  3. Boston is a city worth visiting. If an inkling of history buff exists in your bones, Boston is the place to be. Much of the city is old, historic and ties pivotally to the early history of this country. Why not visit on Sattler’s dime?*
  4. Enjoy a low-pressure opportunity to meet new friends. Spend a weekend building friendships with like-minded people. I remember a late-evening hotel conversation with a future classmate about sailing and similar shared experiences in a third-world country. That conversation was the start of a good friendship.

Consider coming to the Sattler Preview Days. It will be a fun experience and well worth your time. Three years ago, I attended Admitted Students Weekend at Sattler. I found clarity, got my questions answered, made friends, and enjoyed my time in Boston.

*Sattler will reimburse each attendee’s airline ticket up to $250 as well as provide food and lodging during your visit for you and a guest.

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