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So I Submitted my College Application: What Next?


So I Submitted my College Application: What Next?

The waiting game can be tough, but you don’t need to sit around and twiddle your thumbs. While you wait to hear back from the Sattler admissions team, here are a few steps you can take to make the rest of the application process go smoothly.

Prepare for the interview. After the admissions department reviews your application, you may be selected for an interview. Go in feeling prepared with the following tips.

  • Be yourself. Show your personality, and don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. Your interviewer wants to get to know you, so you aren’t being self-centered to share your interests, dreams, goals, and accomplishments.
  • Bring questions. At this point, you may still be questioning whether Sattler is the right fit for you. You probably have questions about student life, lodging, financial aid, work study programs, ministry opportunities, or academics. The interview not only gives us a chance to get to know you; it also gives you a chance to learn about us. Questions show us that you are invested in your future.
  • Relax. This may be difficult advice to follow if you have never done an interview before. Practice can help. Have a parent, friend, or sibling pose as the interviewer, and share with them the same things you hope to share with the admissions team member later.
  • Follow up. After your interview, follow up with a brief note of thanks to the person who interviewed you.

Apply for financial aid. Sattler considers your financial aid along with your application. We do not rely on government aid programs and instead award students financial aid from a private program based on two criteria: academic merit and financial need. Fill out your financial aid application now to make the process move quickly and smoothly.

Talk to current students. Consider setting up a one-to-one chat with one of our student ambassadors. They can give you an inside perspective on student dynamics, dorm life, classes and professors, and college adjustments. Following your interview with an admissions officer, a student ambassador can cover questions you missed or forgot to ask.

Plan a visit. We are now able to welcome a limited number of prospective students for an in-person visit. We do require that COVID protocols be followed. If you are not able to visit in person, sign up to sit in on a Sattler class virtually. Visiting, whether virtually or in person, will give you a sense of our classroom dynamics and the types of learning and class discussions you will participate in as a student at Sattler. This is a great way to get to know us! For more information, contact the admissions office directly.

Putting your heart into the application process in its entirety will help to bring you success and make the process easier for you and us. We wish you well on your journey!


We have extended our admissions deadline through February 28th so there is still plenty time to apply for the fall of 2021. Start your application today!

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