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More Than a Paycheck: The Benefits of Work Study at Sattler

Work Study

More Than a Paycheck: The Benefits of Work Study at Sattler

When people think of work study, they often imagine boring, mindless work that students do to earn money. A quick Google search reveals that colleges and universities most commonly offer students positions in tutoring, library, computer lab, and fitness center. Often these positions lend few learned skills to a chosen career after college is completed. Rather than operating as a typical college, Sattler has chosen to offer students more.

Sattler has intentionally created work study positions that model real-life work by allowing students to be involved directly with the operations of the college. By offering positions in video productions, marketing, admissions, or as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, the college aims for each student to leave with applicable skills gained through working in a team, as well as training for each position. I’ve benefited from this work study format during my time at Sattler.

My freshman year, I worked on a team of eight people to develop Sattler’s marketing strategy. Sattler generously provided many resources for us newbies to adequately understand our market and target audience.The college allowed our student team to develop and present an extensive marketing plan Sattler could use in their email and social media marketing efforts. I learned how to lead meetings, work in teams to meet goals, make decisions based on available data, and use software like HubSpot—all skills I use daily and plan to use in my business career after Sattler.

In my sophomore year, I worked in the admissions office and learned how to empathetically interact with prospective students, schedule meetings, audit contact information spreadsheets, and book accompanying venues for ambassador trips.

Currently, I’m working as a resident advisor in one of the dorm buildings. Before the fall semester began, I worked with the other RAs in assigning students to rooms and planning ways to make dorm life enjoyable while following COVID-19 restrictions. Through the semester, I’m tasked with making sure “my guys” are doing well physically and spiritually.

I’m thankful that Sattler entrusts and trains students in job positions that many colleges would commit to full-time employees.  I believe that by preparing students to engage the world well, Sattler’s work study program affirms the college’s mission of equipping Jesus’ peaceful revolution. Additionally, the flexible work hours and pay received help students pay for their education out-of-pocket, rather than relying on weighty student loans.

I’ve gained skills and knowledge through my work study positions, especially in sales and marketing, fields I am now considering exploring as a career. For any person considering Sattler, know this: Sattler is fully committed to your holistic growth and success during your time here. My work study experiences have proven this time and again.


Do you want to hear more about the Sattler experience from a current student? As a student ambassador, Dylan would love to schedule a chat and answer any questions you might have.

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