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Dorm Life at Sattler: Comes Highly Recommended

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Dorm Life at Sattler: Comes Highly Recommended

Due to COVID restrictions, I boarded alone this past semester for the first time since coming to Sattler. While occupying my own room limited distractions, it also made me realize the richness of Sattler dorm life and how much I miss having roommates. I began to appreciate in a new way the blessings of dorm life that still remain. Looking back over many fond memories, I propose to you some of the reasons why dorm life is an essential part of the Sattler experience.

Before diving in, let me give you a quick overview of Sattler’s unique dorm setup. Sattler College partners with the International Guest House (IGH) of Boston to house students. IGH owns beautiful apartments in historic Back Bay near the Charles River. Students take advantage of the dorm’s proximity to the Boston Common, Boston Public Library, Charles River Esplanade, and many shops and restaurants. IGH provides students with breakfast and supper, as well as room-cleaning service. As far as accommodations go, each room contains a refrigerator, a microwave, and nearby access to a full bathroom. Some even boast ovens and stoves for those who like to cook and bake.

Expect three things if you come to Sattler and stay at the dorms.


Spiritual Growth

I clearly remember one night early in the 2019 fall semester. It was around 11 p.m. and my roommates and I were all feeling really stressed about our school work. After a time of stress-relieving laughter, all four of us got down on our knees to bring our burdens to the Lord. Moments like these drew me closer to my brothers while also reminding me to turn my eyes to Christ and trust him with my work. Thankfully, we had many other times of late-night prayer as a room. Besides providing spiritual support, living with roommates develops character. During the challenging semester grind, having roommates provides opportunities to cultivate patience, humility, and love for one another.

Food, Fun, Singing, and Games

Some of my fondest memories from this past semester are eating supper by the Charles River or on the steps of IGH, enjoying entertaining conversation with my fellow students. Honestly, supper was always a highlight of my day. Friday night—dubbed “game night”—has been a time for students to de-stress after a challenging week of classes, playing games like mafia and Jungle Speed. Sometimes game night can evolve into a time of casual singing and guitar-playing. During one of my favorite evenings this past semester, a group of us sang four-part harmony out on the esplanade late at night, serenading passersby. What good memories!


Finally, when you live in a small room with three other people, you will develop some deep friendships. Your close physical proximity to your dormies provides opportunities to form life-long relationships. In my first two and a half years at Sattler, I’ve been blessed to make some great friends, some of the closest being former roommates. Of course, creating friendships is not limited to dorm rooms, but living together is a big part of what makes friendships happen.


While there is far more to the Sattler experience than dorm life, I know I can speak for many Sattler students when I say that dorm life is a big part of what makes Sattler, Sattler. From late-night conversations to game nights to exploring Boston, dorm life is fun, exciting, and stretching. I highly recommend it.


Do you want to hear more about the Sattler experience from a current student? As a student ambassador, Matthew would love to schedule a chat and answer any questions you might have.

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