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Our Hopes for 2021

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Our Hopes for 2021

We as a Sattler community look forward to the coming year and what it will bring. We took a poll among students and staff to learn what our mutual hopes and desires are for 2021. As a body, here’s what we’re hoping.

  • We want to advance Christ’s peaceful kingdom.

“One of my hopes is that Sattler (faculty, staff, and students) would continue its development into a community focused on Christ’s love, especially for those on the margins. 2020 was a reminder that inequality, racism, and violence are deeply entrenched in the culture and politics of our nation and world. It is my hope that this year Sattler can be a community where we learn ways to question and interrupt the cycles of sin, death, and domination.”

“I hope Christ’s genius will be made famous by more active peacemakers who refuse violence yet choose to engage with the world by chasing the great commission with everything they have.”

“I want to better live out Jesus’s call to love others, especially the hurting, depressed, and broken.”

  • We wish to share the gospel and save souls. 

“I want to see disciples made from the streets of the city of Boston, baptized, and received into the church.”

“I hope that the Matthew 29 Union (evangelism club) will grow and become passionate, spirit-empowered, and fruitful.”

“I hope we at Sattler will be at least one soul closer to making disciples of all nations.”

“I hope that with God’s power I will overcome my fear of sharing my faith.”

  • We hope for a decline in COVID cases and regulations and a return to normalcy.

“I hope that God will allow the medical community to figure out how to best deal with COVID-19 and that there will be a certain level of normalcy to which life can return. And that through this God would be glorified and more people would turn to him.”

“Everyone has experienced how COVID has restricted us in terms of normal interaction. I hope that somehow next year things return to normal.”

“I hope to see the COVID-19 pandemic ended and schools return to their normal mode of operating.”

  • We want to grow closer to Christ and each other. 

“I hope that real and effective prayer would become ubiquitous among the Sattler student body, and that our speech to one another would be transformed by greater inclusion of the Scriptures.”

“I want to ‘grow in grace and in the knowledge of God.’”

“I want to rest in God through busy times and slow times.”

“I hope to become a more prayerful, holy, and disciplined follower of Jesus.”

“I want to build closer and deeper relationships with my classmates, and together grow and spread the Kingdom of God.”

  • We want to see our students achieve great things. Here are a few milestones we’re excited about this year…

-Sattler will operate for the first time with four years of students.

-We will have our first commencement for those who have earned their one year Biblical certificate.

– We will deploy our first set of students to work on their capstone projects.

…and a few quotes from students on what they hope to achieve.

“I hope to begin a biology research trajectory that will carry on into my future.”

“I hope to find a good internship for the summer.”

“I hope to read at least 52 books by the end of the year.”

“I’m excited to explore ways in which I’ll be able to use the content I’ve been learning in service to others.”

Go forth, Sattler students! Victory is yours in Jesus’ peaceful revolution.

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