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Is early decision right for you?


Is early decision right for you?

As the fall colors fade from the neighborhood trees and with Thanksgiving around the corner, Sattler is beginning to receive early decision applications from motivated prospects! Yet the question looms for those still deciding whether to apply for early or regular decision. What is the difference?

Sattler’s early decision deadline is November 15th, 2017. The application is “binding”, which means applicants commit to attend Sattler if accepted. Applicants demonstrate a commitment to the mission of the College and improve their chances of being admitted if they apply under early decision. Choosing to apply by November 15th decreases the time spent waiting to hear back about a decision, takes away the need to apply to colleges that are not an applicant’s first choice, gives more time to plan for the move, and provides applicants more flexibility to consider other colleges if they are not accepted. We encourage prospective students who align with Sattler’s Purpose and are zealous to lead our first class to submit an early application.

The regular decision deadline is currently January 15th, 2018, allowing applicants more time to complete the application process and take standardized tests.

Each applicant should prayerfully consider what application phase to apply under. The Sattler team is praying for those who may apply and look forward to meeting the students who will pave the way for a revolution! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the Contact page or via email at

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