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Is College Worth the Investment? 4 Reasons Why

Why Sattler?

Is College Worth the Investment? 4 Reasons Why

What is your primary purpose for wanting to attend college? Many Sattler students chose to attend not because they wanted a college degree that would help them “get ahead” in the world, but because they sought tools and knowledge to help them impact the world for good.

Over 50% of our students are first generation college students, and there is a reason for that. Here at Sattler, we focus on building Christ’s Kingdom first, and many students who might otherwise have chosen Kingdom work over higher education have chosen to attend here. We offer a rigorous education—not to glorify ourselves, but because we believe Jesus’ servants should walk in excellence, becoming thought leaders and change enablers in their fields. 

Are you wondering if college is a good use of your resources? After all, you don’t need a college education to enter the mission field or build the church. If you come from a home where hands-on labor is valued and where trade skills are passed down from generation to generation, as many of our students do, you may not see college as either a financial or spiritual necessity. Regardless of your background, we believe an education at Sattler will benefit you both personally and spiritually. Here’s how: 

1. You will gain tools to aid in evangelism and ministry. We value God’s Word so highly that we require all students in every discipline to learn Biblical Hebrew and Greek. You will find them to be valuable tools for studying and teaching the Bible throughout your life. In addition, we offer classes on evangelism, pastoring, counseling, human trafficking, global poverty, and peace initiatives. Whether or not you work towards a degree in Biblical studies, you will have the opportunity to take Bible classes as well as classes on Islam, Hinduism, and other major religions, and will learn long term skills to help you reach the lost world. 

2. You will participate in intensive discipleship. As a Sattler student, you will take part in a mentoring program designed to bring you to the end of your four years stronger in faith, victorious in moral purity and the spiritual disciplines, and empowered to disciple others. Read more about our discipleship program in the post: “10 Things You Should Expect from Sattler’s Discipleship Program.” 

3. You will have opportunities to engage in ministry while attending college. We don’t want you to put off Kingdom work in order to attend Sattler. Rather, make Boston your mission field and your college years an opportunity to spread the gospel. Many of our students teach at the Bridge English Training Center, starting personal friendships and one-on-one conversations with newcomers to America. Others have joined the Matthew 29 Union, a club started by students for the purpose of mutual commitment and support in evangelism. All students have the opportunity to mingle with people from around the world, whether that’s lingering over a meal at the American Dormitories, reaching out to the Hindu community in Malden Towers, taking classes at nearby Harvard, or engaging in community service.

4. You will train for your life’s vocation. We offer excellence in every discipline we teach, whether computer science, biology, Biblical theology, business, or history. At Sattler, you will receive Christ-centered training from highly qualified men and women who are thought leaders in their fields. Your education will not only enhance your financial future, it will enhance the value of what you have to give the world—and there is no better return on investment than that. Whatever vocation you pursue, we strive to train you to use that vocation in a way that advances God’s kingdom. In our business classes, for example, we discuss how to build community-centered businesses and how to use business initiatives to combat poverty.

If you are a first generation student seeking to advance Christ’s kingdom or a Christian seeking an education that will strengthen your faith, we believe Sattler is well worth the investment. 


Sattler welcomes many homeschoolers. Download our free Homeschooler’s Guide to College: Everything You Need to Know about Applying, Deciding, and Preparing for School.

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