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One Christian’s Journey to Law School: Celebrating Jeremy Weaver’s Acceptance to Villanova Law School

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One Christian’s Journey to Law School: Celebrating Jeremy Weaver’s Acceptance to Villanova Law School

Join us in celebrating Jeremy Weaver, a 2024 Sattler College graduate, who was recently accepted into the JD program at Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law with the prestigious Dean’s Merit Scholarship, covering the full cost of tuition. In an interview with President Zack Johnson, Jeremy shares his inspiring journey to law school, the pivotal role of Sattler College in his preparation, and his vision for integrating his Christian faith and law.

From Dairy Farm to Law School: Jeremy’s Path

Jeremy Weaver’s journey began far from the city, on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania. Adjusting to college life in the city was a significant transition, but Jeremy thrived at Sattler College, crediting the supportive community and rigorous academic environment for opening doors to his future in law.

Jeremy first considered law school during a business law course with Dr. Michael Miller. Encouraged by Dr. Miller and later Dr. Leaman, Jeremy decided to pursue this challenging path. His dedication was evident in his preparation for the LSAT, spending over 100 hours studying and taking numerous practice tests to achieve a competitive score.

Sattler College’s Impact on Jeremy’s Success

Jeremy attributes much of his success to the mentorship and high-quality education he received at Sattler. The small class sizes allowed for close relationships with professors, who provided invaluable guidance throughout his application process. Dr. Leaman, in particular, played a crucial role in giving feedback on Jeremy’s application essays, ensuring they were polished and compelling.

Even though he was majoring in business (not law), the courses he took at Sattler equipped Jeremy with a strong foundation for his legal studies. Through personal connections at Sattler, he was also able to get an internship at a local law firm in Boston. Both the rigorous academic preparation and the practical experience contributed to his impressive LSAT performance and acceptance into Villanova Law.

“Sattler has really opened up a lot of doors for me. It has gotten me to where I am today and the life vision I see coming up in the next three years really is all due to Sattler and its people here.”

Integrating Faith and Law

For Jeremy, pursuing a career in law is about more than professional success; it’s about making a meaningful impact through a Christian perspective. He believes that as a Christian attorney, he can help others navigate legal challenges (in non-litigious situations) with integrity and compassion, reflecting Christ’s teachings in his work.

“My overall guiding vision that I want my legal education to be for is helping others and inspiring them towards kingdom concepts.”

Jeremy is particularly interested in the intersection of law and business, aiming to assist small and medium-sized businesses with legal counsel that aligns with ethical and kingdom principles. He hopes to pursue a dual JD/MBA degree, further enhancing his ability to serve in this capacity.

Advice for Aspiring Law Students

Jeremy’s journey offers valuable lessons for aspiring law students. He emphasizes the importance of perseverance, hard work, and seeking mentorship. His story also highlights the significance of integrating faith into one’s professional aspirations, ensuring that kingdom considerations guide every decision.

Looking Ahead

Congratulations, Jeremy! As you embark on this new chapter at Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, the Sattler College community celebrates your achievements and is excited to see how you will use your legal expertise to serve others and advance the kingdom of God.

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