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Lighting the World at the International Guest House

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Lighting the World at the International Guest House

Imagine yourself walking down a narrow, mauve-carpeted stairway and stepping into a noisy basement room. Students from many ethnicities sit shoulder-to-shoulder around circular tables, and Spanish and Mandarin blend with English in the dinner conversations. Colorful dishes of food line the cafeteria—eggrolls, guacomole, grilled chicken—the smells of many different foods blending like the languages. This is the cafeteria of the International Guest House, where many Sattler Students stay during their time in Boston.

Several characteristics of the International Guest House make it ideal for student lodging: its prime location and accommodations, its mission opportunities, and its propensity to strengthen student relationships.

“I think we have deepened our relationships. [My IGH experience has] taught me relationship building skills, also how to interact with a whole bunch of different cultures.”   Joshua Blank

A Central Location

 IGH is located in the heart of Boston’s historic Back Bay neighborhood, just a twenty-minute walk from Sattler College in downtown Boston. Living so near the college cuts down on transportation costs for students, and the central location of Back Bay makes it easy for them to visit Boston’s many attractions. The Boston Public Library, only a ten-minute walk from IGH, provides a quiet place to study. And those who long for space and green places can walk through Boston Common every morning on the way to school or jog across the street to the Charles River Esplanade.

Excellent Accommodations

The International Guest House serves its guests not not only by providing a 8a08a4f5-67bf-4a92-a69b-934be466e863  place to stay, but also by providing meals and daily cleaning service. This arrangement frees students to focus on their studies. Because IGH lays out strict rules of conduct—an 11 p.m. curfew, with drinking and overnight guests forbidden—Christian students can embrace a God-honoring lifestyle without feeling pressure from other students to join the party scene.

A City Set on a Hill

 Sattler College is located in the heart of Boston—a city known for its education and mix of ethnicities—for a reason. Jesus said His followers are to be a city set on a hill, and it is Sattler’s intention to give students opportunities to mingle and learn from other cultures, as well as spread the gospel. At the International Guest House, Sattler students have enjoyed learning the stories and backgrounds of international students over supper, playing spikeball, going out for coffee, helping with homework, sitting down to watch a sunset, and attending church or a Bible study together.

 “I can see what other cultures’ lives are like and it’s given me a chance to share my faith.”   Joy Weiler

Stronger Student Relationships

As Sattler students eat meals together, study together, and pray together,  their  0fd6dc72-fb6b-46e9-91e8-3a386181df05 relationships with each other grow stronger. In the absence of family and friends from home, these relationships with Christian friends are foundational to their spiritual and emotional well-being. Some of the activities Sattler students have enjoyed are deep conversations, exploring the city, and singing. In the process, they have not only strengthened their relationships, but their relational skills.

“I think I’ve gotten better with communicating with people, just because I’m surrounded with people constantly. I’ve also learned to be more patient.”    Dylan Martin

Do you care about relationships? Do you wonder about the most effective way to fulfill Jesus’ commission to make disciples? Perhaps God is calling you to minister and study in Boston. Consider joining us at Sattler College. Together, we can learn the kingdom-building skills we need to light up the city for Jesus.

The current regular decision deadline to get your application started is January 15th. If you have any questions that you would like answered before starting, send an email our way!

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