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A Journey into Medicine: A Conversation with Sattler Alumni Joy Weiler

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A Journey into Medicine: A Conversation with Sattler Alumni Joy Weiler

We recently interviewed one of Sattler College’s recent alumni, Joy Weiler, who was accepted into Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey Pennsylvania, and has embarked on her journey into medical school. Join us as we learn about how she found her passion in medicine and how Sattler College prepared her for her future.

The Origin of Joy’s Interest in Medicine

The seeds of Joy’s interest in medicine were planted during her childhood by her grandfather, a volunteer EMT. Her grandfather responding to emergencies intrigued her and sparked a curiosity about the medical field that eventually turned into a passion.

As she got older, Joy followed in her grandfather’s footsteps by attending an EMT class in high school with some friends. The experience solidified her love for caring for patients and being able to help in chaotic situations. Not content with this level of medical training, she decided she wanted to gain more skills in medicine and eventually went through paramedic school and worked as a paramedic.

Joy’s desire to understand more and do more for her patients led her to work in underserved areas in other countries. This further solidified her decision to enhance her medical training. She applied to a pre-med program upon returning from her overseas work, aimed at gaining higher skills in medicine.

> “I realized that through some travel to other countries where I worked in some underserved areas, I realized that I could help my patients to a point as a paramedic. But there was a lot that I couldn’t do and so I decided I would like a lot more medical training.”

How Sattler College Prepared Joy for Medical School

When asked to reflect on her time at Sattler, Joy emphasized how well prepared she was for medical school, thanks to Sattler’s well-designed pre-med program. She commended not only the coursework but also the development of good study habits, which she considers essential tools for her future career – tools that were nurtured at Sattler.

Joy explains how Sattler instilled in her study habits such as deep work, and using tools like anki, which she found out later, were recommended practices for preparing for medical school.

Image of Joy Weiler at her white coat ceremony
Joy Weiler at her white coat ceremony in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Advice for Prospective Medical Students

Joy’s biggest advice to prospective students is to understand that medicine is a long journey – and she herself is not even half-way through. She emphasizes the importance of understanding their ‘why’, i.e., understanding their motivation for wanting to pursue medicine. This will help propel them through the challenging journey.

She also highlights the importance of trusting God throughout the journey, a lesson she learned through many difficult situations in school where she had to make hard decisions. She knew she could rely on God to guide and lead her through it all.

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Finding Joy in Studies and God’s Creation

In the course of her journey, she learned the importance of finding joy in the present moment, rather than merely enduring her studies to get to an end. She found delight in uncovering God’s creation through her classes and credits the supportive community at Sattler for making it an enjoyable experience, even amidst the challenging classes.

Choosing Sattler and Strengthening her faith

Reflecting on her choice of Sattler, Joy recalls her previous college experience that left her faith shaken due to the antagonistic attitude towards faith at that college. This experience propelled her to choose a college like Sattler that would build up and strengthen her faith, which was very important to her as she prepared for her future in medical school and beyond.

Vision for the Future: Medical Missions and Work Abroad

Joy’s past experiences with medical missions and her work in underserved communities shapes her vision for the future. She envisages herself working with refugees in underserved communities where access to basic medical care is little to none.

Summer Opportunities and Capstone Project

Over the summers, Joy utilized her time by engaging in medical work in different countries. The most memorable experience was during her time in Pakistan, where she worked extensively with a women’s and babies’ hospital and subsequently conducted part of her capstone project with them.

She also worked virtually with a clinic in a refugee camp in Bangladesh to develop standard care protocols.

Wrapping up the Journey, Looking Forward to the Future

All these experiences, instilled in her a strong, resilient, and dedicated mindset that is necessary for her journey in the medical field. Joy’s story is inspiring to us here at Sattler, reminding us that while the road is long and hard, the journey worth every step. The Sattler community is proud of Joy and looks forward to seeing the difference she will make in the world of medicine and for the Kingdom of God.

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