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A Christian Perspective on Pursuing a Medical Career: A Conversation with Sattler Alumni David Dodson

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A Christian Perspective on Pursuing a Medical Career: A Conversation with Sattler Alumni David Dodson

Congratulations are in order for David Dodson, Sattler College biology Alumnus 2022, who has recently been accepted into medical school. In this blog post, we delve into his perspective on medicine and Christianity, how his Sattler College experience has prepared him for the journey to medical school, and advice he has for aspiring medical students.

Christianity and Power in Medicine

The connection between Christianity and medicine is not often spoken about. However, David shared an insightful perspective on this topic, likening it to the concept of power. He mentioned,

“Power is the ability to change the world around you. And Christians are called to be world changers.”

In his view, pursuing a career in medicine gives one the ability to affect change in a profound way. By practicing medicine, David believes he can love his neighbor in a deep and practical manner. This concept aligns closely with the life and ministry of Jesus.

David recalls how Jesus attracted a following by performing miracles, including healing. He states that medicine provides you with an opportunity to be present during someone’s most vulnerable moments, providing relief and possibly rolling back the effects of the fall, even if temporarily.

Channeling Power Into Humility

An important aspect of wielding power, whether in medicine or any other field, is ensuring it is properly channeled. David believes that accountability acts as a check on power.

“I always know I need to have three other guys who are always on my case about, what are you spending your time on? What are you doing with your money?”

Such accountability should also extend to the practice of medicine, contributing to maintaining humility and exercising power responsibly.

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Preparing for Medical School

Discussing his college preparatory experience for medical school, David credits Sattler College for its significant role in his success. The college provided mentorship, structured class schedules, and high-quality courses that prepared him for the Med School Admission Test (MCAT).

Sattler College ensured that David had a clear understanding of the steps he needed to take. They guided him in managing his time effectively for MCAT study preparation. With the assistance from Sattler, he secured his first research internship, which proved to be crucial for his application process.

Another vital aspect of his preparation was the academic structure of the college. David was able to take his MCAT right after concluding pertinent courses, negating the need for major refreshers, which saved him time. The quality of the courses were paramount in preparing him to excel in the MCAT.

Advice for Aspiring Pre-Med Students

David’s advice to upcoming pre-med students is two-fold:

  1. Treat it like a marathon, not a sprint: It’s essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working hard to achieve your goals. Enjoying life and maintaining spiritual growth is extremely important to avoid burnout.
  2. Develop a personal narrative: Besides focusing on raw statistics, like GPA and MCAT scores, David advises to also work on a compelling narrative. This narrative should reflect your unique interests, reasons for pursuing medicine and, in essence, who you are.

Unique Attributes of Sattler College

The small size of Sattler College provided David with a closer relationship with his professors and peers in and out of the classroom. The smaller class size fostered a tight-knit community among the students, providing both academic and moral support.

David’s impeccable performance on his MCAT exam is a testament to the college’s rigorous academic program. In preparation for the MCAT, Sattler College places a significant emphasis on reasoning and critical thinking skills. This approach made the test less intimidating and set the stage for success.

Connecting Science and Faith

David found a deeper connection with God in his scientific studies. He found evidence of God’s genius and considerate design in every biological system, promoting a sense of awe and wonder. Studying biology has equipped David to better answer criticisms against Christianity from a scientific or naturalistic perspective.

His acceptance into medical school marks only the beginning of his exciting journey. We’re excited to see David’s growth throughout his medical career and the impact he will create.

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