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Recommended by Sattler Students: Our Favorite Activities in Boston

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Recommended by Sattler Students: Our Favorite Activities in Boston

Bustling cobblestone streets, numerous shops, and the North End’s large, open-air markets are only a few attractions that add to the character of Boston. It is one of the oldest cities in America and offers many opportunities to see a snapshot of colonial America. Sattler College students appreciate Boston’s unique characteristics and recommend some of their favorite activities below. Whether you are a future Sattler student or just visiting Boston, you will find these suggestions useful as you plan your free time.

Museums and Unique Attractions

U.S.S. Constitution: “At the U.S.S. Constitution, a Navy sailor gives you a fascinating tour of the ship, and you learn how it got its name “Old Ironsides.” My favorite part is going down below the deck where you can see how the old-time sailors worked and slept.” ~Stephen 20181021_124108

The Harvard Museum of Natural History: “There’s a glass plant exhibit that sounds really lame, but it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.” ~Bryant

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: “Eclectic, artsy, beautiful.” ~Lucinda

IMG_20190210_121824 Underground Ink  Block: “This is a place to go to enjoy local artwork, including bold colors, geometric designs, and messages of equality. It is also a great location for casual singing with a group of friends.”  ~Julie H.

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park: “Located on the waterfront near Long Wharf, this park appeals to all ages. The view is beautiful and draws you to sit and think. Also, the playground is great for energetic children.” ~Timothy

Bunker Hill Monument: “I enjoyed looking at Boston from high up in the monument, getting a different and beautiful view of the city.” ~Matthew 20181021_131336

Shopping Venues

Shops of Little Italy: “Walking through the North End’s “Little Italy” is like a quick transatlantic hop into the Old World. I love peering into the shop windows at piles of freshly baked baguette. Assorted seafood that looks adventurous to try, mounds of Mediterranean olives and homemade pasta. The way the shopkeepers laugh feels like a village where everyone knows everyone.” ~Lois

Haymarket: “This is an open-air produce market that is only open Fridays and Saturdays. Lots of cheap produce and, if it tickles your fancy, you can get raw oysters shucked before your very eyes.” ~Timothy P1057146

Primark: “I really like it just because it has a HUGE selection of all sorts of clothing, shoes, and accessories for both guys and girls. All of which are extremely reasonably priced.” ~Kate

Newberry Street: “When I don’t have money to spend, my favorite place to wander around is Newberry Street, which offers the city’s finest window shopping. An eclectic combination of high-end boutiques, quaint restaurants, salons, and specialty shops, a stroll down this beautiful little row is the perfect way to experience Bostonian charm and sophistication.” ~Julie A.

Physical Activities

Spikeball and Frisbee: “I love playing Spikeball and Frisbee in the Boston Commons, America’s oldest park. Playing great games, receiving great exercise, and doing so with some great people.” ~Matthew

Swimming: “I like to go swimming early in the morning at the YMCA. It is a great way to stay in shape during the winter. There is something special about being in the water, relieving stress and clearing my mind.” ~Seth

45823307_1871520462964817_4453887777511047168_o Running: “I love running out to the south side of Boston; there is a phenomenal view out over the bay.” ~Cody

Basketball: “At the Wang YMCA of Chinatown there are often enough people to get a game going. Sometimes they’re really good. Sometimes they’re awful.” ~Bryant

Biking: “The Esplanade along the Charles River has a path that is wide and smooth for biking, and the views are beautiful.” ~Joy

Restaurants/Coffee Shops

The Well: “The Well is a unique place to either settle down with a good book and some coffee or have some sweet fellowship with a friend.” ~Seth


Fire and Ice Restaurant: “The Fire and Ice restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Be your own chef, and choose your own ingredients, sauces, and seasonings from a buffet, tweaking it as needed to suit your own tastes, and then carry it to the grill and watch the chefs cook it in front of you. All the fun of cooking without any of the work!” ~Joy

Regina’s Pizzeria: “We stood outside the building for thirty minutes just to get inside, but the pizza was worth every minute! Trip Advisor rated its pizza third best in the world.” ~Lucinda

Spyce: “A unique, stream-lined restaurant that has robots cooking your food for you. It is certainly a memorable sight to behold!” ~Brevon P1034217

These recommendations merely offer a glimpse of what one can do or see in Boston. Whether visiting the aquarium, exercising in Boston Commons, or following the Freedom Trail, Boston is sure to captivate your heart.

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