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Personalized Learning: A Societal Controversy


Personalized Learning: A Societal Controversy

The greatest advancement in education is now at hand with personalized learning. This is the claim that industrial giants such as Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates declare by funding this movement. Though seemingly a great idea, there is much controversy and debate over the matter. The whole model, based on designed software that children must learn from, has caused teachers to protest that they are no longer teachers, but merely facilitators to these students. This length of time on a learning device also causes people to question the validity of this “method” of education. Arguments have been raised that children will start lacking the social skills and importance of learning due to the individualistic nature of this learning approach. So what possible dangers could there be in a personalized learning approach? What is the difference between personalized and individualized learning in a classroom setting? Thirdly, what opinions are being voiced in support or disapproval of personalized learning? To find out

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