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Journey Groups

“Journey groups…have really pushed me to seek God more.”                                  – Matthew Baugher

Every week, students at Sattler College meet in small discipleship groups composed of several students and a supportive staff leader. Journey groups are an integral part of Christian discipleship here at Sattler.

 They give students an opportunity to connect deeply and to actively encourage one another in whatever struggles they face. The groups provide accountability, stimulate spiritual growth, and refresh work-weary students through the closeness of Christian fellowship.  

Accountability: Each week in their journey group, students share experiences of the previous week and what God is doing in their lives. They gain strength and security through knowing that fellow journey group members are praying for them and love them enough to make sure they don’t fall into harm or discouragement.

“Journey group was really good…it was more intense than I was expecting, and it was really good to just open up and have that accountability with other brothers from the school.” -Cody Sensenig


Spiritual Growth: Each month, students are assigned a book to read on a spiritually compelling topic. During journey group, they share insights on what stretched, challenged, or shaped them in that reading. Focus topics so far include the importance of humility, the joy in choosing gratitude, and the necessity of moral purity. Principles like these are sure to spark many provocative and Spirit-filled conversations in the months to come.

“In journey groups we take an active approach in tackling certain things; in that sense our walk with Christ doesn’t become this sort of static thing in the background, but instead a purposeful and active journey.” – Maykel Saad

Encouragement: An important aspect of journey groups is simply talking through the struggles and victories of life. Students are invited to share and to listen to the heart of those who speak, to encourage and be encouraged by their brothers and sisters in Christ.

“[My favorite part of journey groups] is being able to share prayer requests, and praying over each other and praying over the prayer requests.”                    – Joy Weiler

Encouragement, empathy, and accountability―these three words encapsulate what journey groups are all about.

“When you come out of journey groups, you feel uplifted and encouraged, and you feel ready to go attack the week.” – Matthew Baugher


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