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Corrections Regarding Recent Media Coverage


Corrections Regarding Recent Media Coverage

On December 25, 2017, the Boston Globe released a feature in their print edition titled “Lower-cost college set to open in Boston” which appeared online as “New college for conservative Christians planned in Boston”. This article has propagated around the media to sites such as Fox News and the Associated Press.

Given the Boston Globe’s print and online reach, Sattler College was thrilled to see the article and is grateful for Ms. Krantz’s attention, but is also concerned that the article has yet to be corrected on two important points.

First, the article stated that Dr. Kuruvilla “has guaranteed $30 million of his money to fund the school.” This number actually reflects projected funding for the next 25 years from an external source, not Dr. Kuruvilla’s own money. This level of funding far exceeds his personal assets.

Second, the article stated “to keep expenses low, the school will operate in an office building at 100 Cambridge St. and not offer housing or other amenities.” Sattler College is in fact leasing gender-separated dorm space for its students. This is an important part of Sattler’s program.

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