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Class of 2025: The Last of the First


Class of 2025: The Last of the First

In October of 2017 I took a picture of the set of instructions on how to apply to Sattler College for 2018-2019, hoping to find the catalytic students who would be bold enough to train for a lifetime of impact for Jesus at a college with no campus, students, or faculty. Meeting and announcing Sattler College’s inaugural class of 2022 felt like finally being able to breathe after holding my breath for nine months as our team tried to turn an idea into reality. Sattler’s inaugural class of 22 students deserve their place in the archives of risk-taking pioneers in Christian education. When they graduate in 2022, they will leave behind an amazing legacy for our school, setting a high standard of serious academic work alongside active engagement in the work of the Church–both in Boston and around the world.

The next year rolled around and the question remained: would there be another group willing to follow these bold risk takers? In September of 2019, the class of 2023 answered the call, and 19 new students joined us in Boston.

Then in September 2020, against the odds of the pandemic economy, 28 new students joined us for the Class of 2024, along with 12 students seeking a one-year certificate in Biblical and Religious Studies.

In total, 81 students have begun their studies at Sattler since the fall of 2018. I might be biased, but I am confident that we have assembled perhaps the most promising group of students in the country.

Here is some interesting information about them:

  • Sattler students have home cities located in 17 U.S. states plus Canada, Egypt, and Tibet.
  • Our male to female ratio was skewed towards men in the Class of 2022 but has begun to even out. Out of the current 75 students, 29 (38.7%) are female and 46 (61.3%) are male.
  • The vast majority of our students are required to take a college entrance exam before arrival. Most of our students take the SAT or ACT and a few take the CLT. On average, our students’ scores who have taken the ACT or SAT fall in the 88.29 percentile. Our students who have taken the CLT average in the 74.33 percentile.
  • The average age of the 75 combined students is 21.7, with students ranging from 17 to 35 years of age, which is above the average age of other college campuses.
  • We have nine (12%) married students.
  • Our most popular first name is some variation of Christina.
  • 13 (17.3%) students have declared a major in Biblical and Religious Studies
  • 8 (10.7%) students have declared a major in Human Biology
  • 6 (8%) students have declared a major in History
  • 5 (6.7%) students have declared a major in Business
  • 4 (5.3%) students have declared a major in Computer Science
  • 24 (33.3%) students have not declared a major yet
  • 5 (20%) students are pursuing a Certificate in Biblical and Religious Studies, which takes one academic year to complete and can be turned into a Bachelor’s degree which typically takes four years to complete.
  • 10 (13.3%) students have declared a minor in either Biblical and Religious studies, Biology, Business, or History.

The time has come to build the last of the first classes. The class of 2025 will now complete the four year college cycle and will be the first group of Sattler freshmen to begin their college career alongside the stellar members of the class of 2022. With preparation grounded in Christ-centered discipleship, we will strive to continue the apostolic pattern of turning the world upside down (Acts 17:6). If you are interested, or you know anyone else who is interested, in joining our student body to be equipped for Jesus’ peaceful revolution, please note: the Application season for 2021-2022 is open, early action applications are due November 15, 2020, and regular decision applications are due February 1, 2021.

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