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Marvin Lorenzana from Eastern Mennonite Missions gives a talk to Sattler College students on our 17th floor campus.


At Sattler College, we bring knowledge to life through our esteemed faculty and staff members. Discover a diverse array of speakers who are passionate about sharing their insights on a wide range of topics. Whether you’re organizing a conference, workshop, or special event, our speakers are here to inspire and inform.


Explore our distinguished faculty members ready to bring their expertise to your event. Schedule an appointment with the faculty members below to enrich your gatherings with insightful presentations.

Ben Harris

Professor of Business

Being a Human in the age of Artificial Intelligence
The boundaries of Chat GPT
David Eicher

Director of Student Services

Understanding Dyslexia
The Value of Literacy in a Post-Literate World
David Glick

Co-Director of Student Life

Being Human in the Age of Technology
Christina Discipleship
Dylan Heidrich

Instructor of Greek and Campus Operations Coordinator

How to share your faith
Why learn Biblical Greek ?
Harrison Miller

Adjunct Faculty in Communications and Director of The Writing Center

Was Shakespeare a Christian Playwright?
Created to create: Why We Need More Artists in the Kingdom?
Jesse Scheumann (Head of the BRS Department)

Associate Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies

Cutting the English Amblical Cord with the Bible.
Why study Biblical Hebrew?
John Jones

Assistant Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies

Political Theology 101: America and Bablylon
Israel and the Church
Zack Johnson

President, Ex Officio Board Member

The Entrustment Tuition Model
No Blood But Our Own - Toward a Sacrificial Approach to Peacemaking