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Discipleship at Sattler

Spiritual Growth at College

Many Christian youth lose their faith at college. Atheistic professors and negative peer pressure can challenge and break young people's faith. 

Sattler College aims to be a safe, God-focused environment for students to learn academically while growing in their faith. Sattler's discipleship program involves both:

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10 Things You Should Expect from Sattler's Discipleship Program

Why Is Discipleship So Important?

Tea Time

Every weekday at 11:30, Sattler students gather for Tea Time--a short time of worship, inspiration, and community in the middle of the busy school day. Tea Time opens with the student body singing several songs together before a student, faculty member, or guest speaker shares a “pearl.” Sattler “pearls” are short bits of practical wisdom or Scriptural meditation that inspire and renew the Sattler community. 

Tea Time follows a loose weekly schedule of speakers and topics. On Mondays, President Taylor gives an inspirational Pearl. Tuesdays, a student talks about ways students can live out the four pillars of Sattler student culture. Every Wednesday is a time of worship, singing, and prayer. Thursdays are often student pearls about something they’ve been learning, and on Fridays, Sattler faculty or guest speakers often give the pearl.

Tea Time Sattler Discipleship
Journey Group Sattler College student discipleship

Journey Groups

Sattler Journey Groups play a big role in Sattler’s discipleship model. Every student participates in a Journey Group, and this is a core feature of student life at Sattler. Journey Groups are small, same-gender groups of 3-5 students who meet together weekly to disciple and pray for one another.

Every week, Journey Groups are open and accountable to each other in areas of Scripture-reading, prayer, fasting, purity, outreach, and community. Students also come ready to teach, encourage, and exhort each other, following an “Each one, teach one” model seen in 1 Corinthians 14:26. Students care for each other, build each other up, and pray for each other in Journey Groups.

Journey Groups push students to deepen relationships with their peers and learn to be accountable for their Christian life. Students get an opportunity to disciple and be discipled in a safe, stable environment. Many students find that Journey Group is a highlight of their week.