Kristi Mast

Co-Director of Student Life

Kristi Mast graduated from Sattler College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical and Religious Studies. She was honored to be a graduating member of Sattler’s inaugural class in 2022. Before her time at Sattler, she completed a two-year program of study at Faith Builder’s Educational Programs in Guys Mills, PA. A year of teaching high school in a small private school and her experience serving in a variety of formal and informal discipleship capacities has prepared her well for her position as Co-Director of Student Life at Sattler. She has also published a woman’s Bible study that began as her capstone project at Sattler College (Kingdom of Priests Bible Study).

Kristi’s interest in relational discipleship began in high school when she personally experienced the transformational power of one-on-one discipleship through a rocky season of grief and upheaval. The desire to give others the same kind of formation she received led her to Biblical studies as a reliable foundation for spiritual formation. Kristi enjoys few things more than equipping women to study the Scriptures and seeing the spark of recognition when they encounter the living Word through the written. She also loves slow mornings in the kitchen, al fresco dinners with friends, and exploring ideas through books and conversation.