Jonathan Rocha, M.A. Anthropology

Director of Admissions

Jonathan holds a BA in Anthropology from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and a MA in Anthropology from Brandeis University. Currently, he is finishing his second Master’s degree in Theological Studies from Boston University’s School of Theology.

In addition to being a student, Jonathan has performed a wide variety of roles within the university. He has presided over student organizations and assisted faculty and staff with research, teaching, academic administration, and operations. Most recently, he worked as a Graduate Assistant for the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium (BTI). Overall, Jonathan has enjoyed working within higher education and is thankful to be a part of the Sattler community. As the Director of Admissions, he oversees the College’s admissions strategies and processes.

Outside of his professional work and studies, Jonathan enjoys reading the Scriptures, learning about church history, and studying the game of basketball.