Harrison Miller, MA

Adjunct Faculty in Communications and Director of The Writing Center

Harrison Miller completed his Master of Arts degree in Theatre from Bob Jones University, where he also earned a BA in the Humanities. His work and study center on the artistic expression of marginal communities. For his Master’s thesis, Harrison directed a production of the Greek tragedy Philoctetes and led a discussion forum after each performance addressing the themes of chronic pain and illness in the community. He hopes to continue making theatre that comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. Theatre, for him, is the intersection of his faith and practice – the perfect place from which to proclaim the Hope of the Nations.

Harrison came to Christ out of his own affliction. Having tried to live out the Christian life on his own, his failures and frustrations followed him incessantly. Finally, in college, he accepted Christ as the only Savior in his life. Since then, he has trusted in God to lead him in His perfect will, from changing his major, to pursuing his Master’s degree, to leading the youth ministry at his church, and now to Sattler College to do the work of training up Christian leaders.