Austin Lapp

Admissions Data and Systems Assistant

Austin Lapp graduated with honors from Sattler College as part of the inaugural class of 2022. He earned a BA in Biblical and Religious Studies along with a minor in Business. While studying at Sattler he worked part time as a certified instructor teaching English to immigrants at The Bridge English Training Center. He also served as Assistant Director at the Bridge for two and half years overseeing the English program and providing training to incoming teachers.

Austin is a disciple of Jesus learning how to follow Him in the city of Boston where he lives with his wife of five years, Su, and their two children, Emerson and Elise.  His family delights in nature, loves urban living, and cannot imagine their lives without Christian community. They long to see communities of faithful disciples of Jesus grounded in the Word, filled with the Holy Spirit, and living out the new humanity as whole, healthy individuals.