AnnKatherine Hartzog

Board of Trustees

AnnKatherine has been a dedicated special educator since earning her B.S. in Special Education in 2017. She has held state teaching certification in Georgia, Alabama, and Connecticut and has worked in a variety of settings including elementary, high school, and early intervention. At her core, she is a helper; she has a passion for fairness and ensuring that her students, coworkers, and others have what they need to be successful and consistently feel loved and supported. She feels strongly that this love, support, and service is one of the best ways to show the love and way of Christ to those around her.

Growing up in evangelical circles, AnnKatherine had a radical faith awakening as a teenager where she began connecting with Kingdom-minded people. She was eventually baptized in 2021 after solidifying her faith in Jesus; her testimony pointed to the importance of everyday faithfulness, particularly through grief and loss.

Additionally, AnnKatherine has been a devoted wife to her husband Jacob for 6 years. They currently live in New England while Jacob completes his medical residency.

AnnKatherine is excited to be a part of the Board of Trustees at Sattler and looks forward to sharing her ideas and perspectives. She hopes to help share the historic faith and Kingdom-centric higher education with those in evangelical circles and beyond in order to promote the peaceful revolution of King Jesus.