Tuition and Aid

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Tuition and Financial Aid

Sattler College offers a program of financial aid to students who qualify. Financial aid may be offered in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, or work-study employment. We do not participate in government-funded aid programs but offer institutional grants and a loan program to assist our students. Awards are based on academic performance, demonstrated need, and the availability of funds. Due to generous donations to the college, 100% of our students receive some form of financial aid. The Office of Financial Aid is ready to discuss how a student’s particular needs can be met.

Our students receive, on average more than $30,000 in financial aid and/or scholarship. This includes automatic discounts of $27,000 for tuition and $6,270 for room and board due to the generosity of Sattler donors. Additional aid will be awarded on an individual basis through the financial aid application process.

To be eligible, a student must:

  1. Be accepted and enrolled in a degree program. Apply Today!
  2. Complete our Net Price Calculator and copy your shareable link on the results page.
  3. Submit your calculator results link via our Financial Aid Application.
  4. Meet with a financial advisor to review your results and potential aid.

Financial Aid

We understand that cost is an important consideration for most families when choosing a college. The financial aid process may feel daunting to you; however, our office is here to help. We encourage all students who want assistance to apply.

What does Sattler cost per year?


Tuition & Fees: $10,450
Room & Board: $9,800

Total: $20,250
Additional Aid: Up to $10,000
Total After Aid (Range): $10,250 -$20,250

Additional Aid Available:

Academic Excellence*: Up to $7,500
Sattler Loan Program**: Up to $5,000
Need-Based Aid: Up to $10,000

Additional cost consideration:
Books & Misc Expenses: ~$2,600 Estimated


Tuition & Fees: $10,450
Room & Board: $9,800

Total: $20,250
Additional Aid: Up to $5,000
Total After Aid (Range): $15,250 -$20,250

Additional Aid Available:

Sattler Loan Program**: Up to $5,000

Additional cost consideration:
Books & Misc Expenses: ~$2,600 – Estimated

Non-Degree Seeking

Per Credit: $500
Most classes are 3 credits

* Academic Excellence is determined by testing percentiles. (See below).
** Sattler Loan Program does not apply to room & board. Due 2 years after the end of enrollment.
Any combination of Sattler-provided additional aid will not exceed tuition.

Off-Campus Housing
Married and students who are over 30 at the start of a semester are not required to live in the dorms. All non-dorm housing is sourced and funded by the student. Our admissions office is happy to assist with questions regarding off-campus housing.

Use our Net Price Calculator for an estimate of what merit or need-based financial aid you might be offered. The form takes about 30 minutes to complete and when you finish, keep the link to your results to share with our financial aid department via the application above or during a consultation that you can schedule below.

Questions? We are here to help. Click here to schedule a consultation.

How can I afford Sattler?

Academic Excellence

We offer substantial aid for those who have committed themselves to academic excellence.

  • > 95th Percentile = $7,500
  • >85th Percentile = $5,000
  • >75th Percentile = $2,500

Test scores that qualify are the SAT, ACT, or CLT. You are welcome to submit multiple scores for any given test. We calculate your award based on your highest single-sitting score. Schedule a consultation today for more information.

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Several of our students have approached private schools and businesses to create a mutually beneficial arrangement. This often means receiving tuition or room & board support and in return committing to work or teach after graduation for a number of years.

Summer Employment

By carefully planning ahead our students can find summer employment to help offset the cost of attending Sattler. Our student services department is available to discuss life planning to help you optimize your ability to make Sattler affordable.

Work Study

The Sattler College Work-Study Program provides jobs for undergraduate students with or without financial need. The program encourages work related to your course of study. To be eligible, a student must apply for work-study. The eligibility guidelines include a complete application and a maintained 3.0 grade point average. Work-Study jobs are not guaranteed.

Private Scholarships

Students should attempt to locate scholarships for which they are eligible. Sources of information are high school guidance offices, charitable organizations, service organizations, employee credit unions, and libraries. Students who receive private scholarships are required to notify the Office of Financial Aid. Private scholarships are used to cover any unmet need and then to reduce loans.