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Meet Sattler's

Student Ambassadors

Jonathan Bergen headshot

Jonathan Bergen

Hometown: Piney River, VA
Year: Sophomore
Major: Computer Science

I came to Sattler to develop myself as both a child of God and a nerd. I didn't really know what to expect from being a student here at Sattler since I didn't attend the Open House or Admitted Student Weekend, but every part of this school has exceeded my expectations. The discipleship that I've encountered is nothing short of life-changing, the classes are rich and intense, and the community is incredible! When I'm not coding for a comp-sci class or memorizing Hebrew vocabulary, I'm often playing pool (yes we have a pool table at our dorms) or running beside the Charles River or Atlantic coast at night. One of my firmly-held beliefs is that "The students make the college" and I'd love to connect with you to discover if Sattler is right for you!

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Jessica Horner headshot

Jessica Horner

Hometown: Piney River, VA
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biblical & Religious Studies

Hi, I’m Jess and I’m an avid fan of community, coffee, the Kingdom of God, adventure, and learning new fun facts.  Sattler has exceeded my expectations in pushing me in these areas and many other surprising areas!  I’d love to chat with you about your passions & also answer any questions that you have about Sattler!

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Emily Nisly headshot

Emily Nisly

Hometown: Hutchinson, KS
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business

Sattler is a lot of work, and if anybody tells you differently, they’re wrong. But you’ll get an exponential return on your time and energy investment! Sattler is an incredible place to meet new friends, fill your brain with more than you thought possible, and grow, alongside others, in your relationship with God.

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Seth Pontbriand headshot

Seth Pontbriand

Hometown: Hampton Falls, NH
Year: Junior
Major: Biblical & Religious Studies

I came to Sattler intending to pursue a pre-medical degree but fell in love with the biblical languages and wanted to take full advantage of Sattler's unique Greek and Hebrew curriculum. Since then, I have developed a dream of working with Bible translation efforts overseas. This vision was further clarified for me through a Sattler summer internship. I spent ten weeks in Uganda working with a local church to develop resources for the curriculum they use to teach citizens of Kampala (the capital of Uganda) the storyline of the Bible. I hope to return there after college to continue related projects. When I am not studying, I enjoy teaching English to non-native speakers through oral Bible storytelling, running along the Charles River, and going hiking in the White Mountains of my home state.

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Austin Ressler headshot

Austin Ressler

Hometown: Ephrata, PA
Year: Sophomore
Major: Human Biology

I'm interested in how we can use science and healthcare as a way to serve the destitute and open up opportunities to share the Gospel. For me, Sattler College has been a seedbed for both spiritual and academic growth by surrounding me with peers and professors that love Jesus and aspire to serve Him with their life. A year before joining Sattler, the college wasn't on my radar, but I'm thankful for the way God has used this experience to shape me into His servant, and I'm passionate about seeing Him do the same to others!


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Maykel Saad headshot

Maykel Saad

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Year: Senior
Major: Human Biology

God is always working. He uses the circumstances and the people in our lives to mold and shape us. This is what Sattler has been for me; a powerful tool in God’s hands. I like to think of it as one of His workshops! He doesn’t have just one of course, Sattler just happens to be the one where He’s doing His work in me, and maybe you! 

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Clayton Wagler headshot

Clayton Wagler

Hometown: Loogootee, IN
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biblical & Religious Studies

I'm at Sattler because I want to be in the midst of a close-knit academic community that is bursting with zeal for the kingdom of God—a community that is actively putting head knowledge into action. I'm very interested in the spiritual trajectory of Sattler and where we students end up as a result. So, if you have reservations or concerns about the beliefs held by the institution or the direction it is going, talk to me!

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