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Meet Sattler's

Student Ambassadors

Emily Nisly headshot

Emily Nisly

Hometown: Hutchinson, KS
Year: Junior
Major: Business

Sattler is a lot of work, and if anybody tells you differently, they’re wrong. But you’ll get an exponential return on your time and energy investment! Sattler is an incredible place to meet new friends, fill your brain with more than you thought possible, and grow, alongside others, in your relationship with God.

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Anya Miller headshot

Anya Miller

Hometown: Holmes County, OH
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biblical and Religious Studies


Hi. I’m Anya. I was born in Holmes County, Ohio, and I enjoy choral music, ice cream, and deep, late-night campfire discussions. Thus far, my time at Sattler has been very rewarding, helping me to grow spiritually and mentally. I realize that you do not need to go to college in order to grow spiritually and mentally, but God has used the people and the classes here as part of my story and growth. I hope to  use the knowledge that I gain here to  bless those around me. This could be by using the knowledge I gain here as a foundation for a future degree in counseling or social work, using it to bless my church community, or using it in some other way unknown to me (God’s plans are always better anyway).

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Wynn Miller headshot

Wynn Miller

Hometown: Holmes County, OH
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science


I have absolutely no regrets about coming to Sattler. Since being here, the Sattler community has shaped me into a better person. I’ve grown in the spiritual disciplines through the intense discipleship that journey groups offer; I’ve grown in general being a better person through living with other human beings at the dorms; and I’ve grown in humility through connecting with a group of talented students willing to help me out as I stumble through my classes. Luckily, since working way too hard during the first semester (Sattler is difficult and anyone telling you otherwise is trying to get you here), I’ve been able to put time into my hobbies, like guitar or cybersecurity. I’m passionate about Sattler, and the computer science program specifically, so if you are at all interested in either, I’d love to chat with you!

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Kimberly Dueck headshot

Kimberly Dueck

Hometown: La Lucha, Costa Rica
Year: Sophomore
Major: Human Biology


Hi! I was born and raised in Costa Rica, but I spent most of my preteen and teen years in Manitoba, Canada. I started studying at the University of Winnipeg before I heard about Sattler. Once I heard about Sattler and did some investigating, I knew that I wanted to study there. I have not been disappointed with my decision. Life at Sattler is hard, but it has also been transformative. I am grateful to God, the professors, my roommates, and everyone else who has touched my life here. I have been able to grow tremendously in my spiritual and academic pursuits. I look forward to helping others find a place where they can grow and learn along with me. Currently I am looking at spending my future in healthcare and/or education.

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