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At Sattler College we believe in implementing a rigorous and well-defined, college-wide curriculum. This curriculum encompasses the best of Christian education in the classical tradition. Our goal is to produce well-rounded students who can rightly handle the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). In addition to our core, we offer five majors. Each major builds upon the Core curriculum, providing an opportunity for deeper study within a specific area of expertise.

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Sattler College offers the following 5 majors:
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Biblical and Religious Studies

The biblical and religious studies major offers students a foundation in Christian service with studies in biblical languages, exegesis, theology, practical ministry skills and a broad understanding of other religions.

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As a business administration major, you’ll prepare for the rapidly changing global marketplace by building a strong foundation in accounting, finance, management, and marketing. The business major is designed to launch students as Christian business leaders: firm in their convictions and equipped with the skills necessary to start a company providing social benefit, lead a family business, or serve Kingdom purposes at a larger organization.

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Computer Science

The computer science major consists of core subjects in computer science including programming languages, software engineering and development, algorithms, data structures, complexity, and the mathematical foundations of computer science, followed by specialization and an interdisciplinary capstone experience. The program prepares students for careers in software engineering, research and development, and for graduate studies.

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The history major focuses on the study and interpretation of the past. History students gather and record evidence about past events and people’s ways of life. They also evaluate that evidence to explain why certain social movements and cultural trends gained momentum when they did, and why certain traditional customs and mentalities endured at the same time.

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Human Biology

The human biology major is designed to provide students with a rigorous foundation in biological sciences. This program prepares students to pursue advanced training in professional and graduate programs, including schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and biomedical research.

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Core Curriculum

A special feature of the Sattler College experience is its extensive Core Curriculum. We believe students are more likely to flourish socially and intellectually when each entering class enjoys a common academic experience. When all students take part in a common set of courses, upper-level students will have a large body of wisdom and knowledge to share with the students following behind them. We are convinced that the most fulfilling way to learn is to teach. Our robust Core Curriculum makes such collaboration a natural part of Sattler life. Take a peek at what you and your classmates will be reading.

Core Curriculum Courses By Year

Freshman Courses

  • Academic Writing and Oral Communication
  • History, Philosophy, Literature and Art of the Ancient World
  • Elementary Biblical Greek I
  • Elementary Biblical Greek II
  • The Principles of Biology
  • The Fundamental Texts of Christianity: The Old and New Testaments
  • Apologetics
  • Statistics and Data Science

Sophomore Courses

  • History, Philosophy, Literature and Art of Early Christianity
  • History, Philosophy, Literature and Art of Medieval and Renaissance Europe
  • Elementary Biblical Hebrew I
  • Elementary Biblical Hebrew II
  • Christian Doctrines

Junior Courses

  • History, Philosophy, Literature and Art of the Modern Era

Senior Courses

  • Senior Seminar
  • Global Poverty and World Change
  • Capstone Project

Download the Course Catalog

The Course Curriculum documents both core curriculum and elective courses, including course numbers, course names, credit hours, course descriptions, and prerequisites.

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