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Meet Sattler's

Student Council

Hi! We're the Sattler Student Council — the "government" of the Student Body. Our collective job description is simple. We work to create a community, centered on Christ, in which every student thrives. That means we communicate the needs of the students to the administration and work to foster a culture of worship built on the founding precepts of Sattler College.

Meet the Council

Student Council 2022
Graham Weber headshot

Graham Weber

Hometown: Hawkesville, Ontario
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science

Graham sees opportunities wherever he looks. While he loves the hustle and bustle of college life, he wishes he could spend more late nights gazing at a skyline from a rooftop. He appreciates the multi-faceted wisdom of the global church and seeks to integrate those various perspectives into his own life. Sattler is teaching Graham how anyone can harness available resources, experiences, and careers to bring Jesus' reign into the world. He wants to help each student embrace and live out their unique role as a disciple-maker. Graham believes every student has the ability to impact the trajectory of Sattler.

Student Body President: As President of the College Council, Graham functions as the primary representative of the student body to the administration. He gets to meet with President Johnson, plan fun events, and organize and chair Council meetings. He also communicates important Council decisions with the student body, and does his best to foster a Christ-like student culture.

Kate Sensenig headshot

Kate Sensenig

Hometown: Queens, NY
Year: Junior
Major: Biblical and Religious Studies

Kate is an energetic young wife who loves cooking a meal with her husband and inviting people into her home. She believes that giving people a safe place to belong and serving them like Jesus would is the most powerful way to bring the lost into the kingdom. Kate gets excited about building relationships, quality conversation, and being outside. Her passion for the outdoors means she's always down for an active sport or a hike through the mountains. As VP of Student Life, Kate envisions using her passions for relationships, conversation, and the outdoors to further build the Sattler community. Kate wants to see each student thriving and is excited to find ways to encourage and support the student body.

Vice President of Student Life: Kate's job is to develop a close community and build a culture of mutual sacrifice among students. She chairs the Student Life Committee, which plans weekly community-building events ranging from volleyball to Scripture reading to volunteer child care.

Jonathan Stoltzfus headshot

Jonathan Stoltzfus

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Year: Sophomore
Major: History

Jonathan is a spirited sophomore, studying for a Bachelor of Arts in History. Pursuing education at Sattler has been one of the all-time highlights of his life. One of the things Jonathan values most about Sattler is its commitment to rigorous academics (including the Biblical languages), and discipleship since it provides a unique and incredible opportunity to get a world-class education while simultaneously pursuing an intentional walk with Christ. While he’s passionate about academics, he also loves socializing, sports, and fitness. Jonathan testifies that the Sattler community is very welcoming and wants many others to join.

Vice President of Student Organizations: Jonathan empowers students to pursue their passions by enabling student organizations at Sattler. He does the behind-the-scenes work of connecting student clubs with funding and making sure they have what they need to thrive. Without him, Sattler's seven student organizations wouldn't be the same.

Jeremy Weaver headshot

Jeremy Weaver

Hometown: Myerstown, PA
Year: Junior
Major: Business

Jeremy is a quiet, introverted soul that enjoys reading, writing, and Excel spreadsheets. He is an avid believer in confronting comfort zones even when it is difficult to do so. Jeremy especially enjoys listening to everyone's stories and wisdom that they have to share from their life experiences. His love for learning has led Jeremy to pursue the Business program at Sattler.

Treasurer: Jeremy keeps the Council afloat financially. He chairs the Finance Committee, and oversees the distribution of Council funds. As the money man, he ultimately enables all Council activities.

Melvin Kauffman headshot

Melvin Kauffman

Hometown: Where Missi is, USA
Year: Senior
Major: Biblical and Religious Studies

Melvin loves exploring and teaching meta-narrative in the Bible. He and his wife Missi enjoy hosting people, Tatte breakfast sandwiches, reading the Bible with seekers, and chilling in their hammock. Despite his goofy side, Melvin is serious about serving the church and studying God's Word.

Senior Class Representative: Melvin is the communication line between the Senior class and the Council. He relays questions, concerns, and ideas from his constituency for Council consideration.

Sabrina Miller headshot

Sabrina Miller

Hometown: Canton, Ohio
Year: Junior
Major: Human Biology

Sabrina loves to spend time outdoors and be active, whether that be getting her fingers dirty, hiking with friends, playing sports, or enjoying a summer evening around a campfire. When she is inside, her favorite room in the house is the kitchen, the best place to make good food and enjoy comfortable fellowship. Whether it’s a meal shared around a table or on a dorm floor, cups of coffee in the living room or on the front steps, food and hospitality are some of her favorite ways to bring people together and build relationships with them. She also jumps at any chance to sing acapella music with a small group of people. Sabrina loves living in the city where she’s surrounded by diversity and new experiences, but most of all, many opportunities to build relationships with people and share God’s Story with them.

Junior Class Representative: Sabrina is the communication line between the Junior class and the Council. She relays questions, concerns, and ideas from her constituency for Council consideration.

Joshua Stoltzfus headshot

Joshua Stoltzfus

Hometown: Mifflinburg, PA
Year: Sophomore
Major: History

Joshua loves learning new skills as well as teaching others the skills he has learned. He has lived on the west coast in Los Angeles, California and is thrilled to now study and live in Boston on the east coast. Joshua thrives by meeting new people, spending time in nature, and doing action sports. As a skateboarder, he makes a lot of new connections with people by spending time at skate parks. Joshua is excited about studying at Sattler and learning to more faithfully follow and serve the Creator of it all.

Sophomore Class Representative: Joshua is the communication line between the Sophomore class and the Council. He relays questions, concerns, and ideas from his constituency for Council consideration.