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Meet Sattler's

Student Council

Hi! We're the Sattler Student Council -- the "government" of the Student Body. Our collective job description is simple. We work to create a community, centered on Christ, in which every student thrives. That means we communicate the needs of the students to the administration and work to foster a culture of worship built on the founding precepts of Sattler College.

Meet the Council

Student Council
Bryant Miller headshot

Bryant Miller

Hometown: Partridge, KS
Year: Senior
Major: Human Biology

Bryant loves the out-of-doors, basketball, competition, and Jesus. He's a senior, which means he's spent over three years studying human biology. He thrives on connecting dots and loves seeing the ways his prior classes inform his research and understanding of the human body as a whole. As a recovering over-committer, he's learning to rest well and take more time to enjoy the little things in life like fizzy kombucha and walking in the city at night.

Student Body President: As President of the College Council, Bryant functions as the primary representative of the student body to the administration. He gets to meet with President Taylor, plan fun events, and organize and chair Council meetings. He also communicates important Council decisions with the student body, and does his best to foster a Christ-like student culture.

Carrie Yoder headshot

Carrie Yoder

Hometown: Goshen, IN
Year: Sophomore
Major: Human Biology

Carrie's mission at Sattler is to reach out and pull others in and to make those in the margins feel welcomed into the middle. Ways she likes to do this are by serving the larger Boston community with Solidarity Club or by building friendships with people in the area. Carrie is excited that by being a part of the Student Council she can also bring this mission to the Sattler community. Worship and prayer nights, student clubs, and class vision nights are some of her favorite ways to see community being built among the students at Sattler.

Vice President of Student Life: Carrie's job is to develop close community and build a culture of mutual sacrifice among students. She chairs the Student Life Committee, which plans weekly community building events ranging from volleyball to Scripture reading to volunteer child care.

Friedrich Stoltzfus headshot

Friedrich Stoltzfus

Hometown: Watsontown, PA
Year: Junior
Major: Biblical and Religious Studies

Friedrich Stoltzfus is a junior majoring in Biblical and Religious Studies with a minor in Computer Science. Friedrich loves music and leads the choir at Sattler. Although he primarily considers himself artsy, he also geeks out over cool code, plays a passionate game of spikeball or foosball, or whatever else he sets his mind to. His goal is to unite his interests for his greatest passion: the glory of God.

Vice President of Student Organizations: Friedrich empowers students to pursue their passions by enabling student organizations at Sattler. He does the behind the scenes work of connecting student clubs with funding and making sure they have what they need to thrive. Without him, Sattler's seven student organizations wouldn't be the same.

Riley Weaver headshot

Riley Weaver

Hometown: Shenandoah, PA
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business

Riley, a sophomore, is a business major from Pennsylvania. He enjoys good coffee, time with his wife and two adorable children, and nature hikes with his family. Riley came to Sattler because of his passion to take the gospel to the unreached. He is thrilled about the skills training that Sattler offers, and he believes Sattler is preparing him for a life of ministry.

Treasurer: Riley keeps the Council afloat financially. He chairs the Finance Committee, and oversees the distribution of Council funds. As the money man, he ultimately enables all Council activities.

Austin Lapp headshot

Austin Lapp

Hometown: Cambridge, OH
Year: Senior
Major: Biblical and Religious Studies

Austin delights in spending time with his wife, Su, and their toddler, Emerson. Their little family loves interacting with Austin's ESL students at the Bridge English Training Center where he's worked part time while studying at Sattler. It is an honor for Austin to represent the inaugural class of 2022 on the Student Council.

Senior Class Representative: Austin is the communication line between the Senior class and the Council. He relays questions, concerns, and ideas from his constituency for Council consideration.

Marcus Wollman headshot

Marcus Wollman

Hometown: Henderson, MN
Year: Junior
Major: History

Marcus is a Junior-year History major with a special interest in contemporary history. Inspired by the Chronicles of his Hutterite heritage, Marcus hopes to become a writer after college. He is especially passionate about documenting the ongoing journey of the Church into the Digital Age. His hobbies include tinkering with IoT, coding, and listening to podcasts.

Junior Class Representative: Marcus is the communication line between the Junior class and the Council. He relays questions, concerns, and ideas from his constituency for Council consideration.

Graham Weber headshot

Graham Weber

Hometown: Hawkesville, Ontario
Year: Sophomore
Major: Computer Science

Graham loves languages and a good story, so his favorite activity this year has been teaching English with Jesus' parables. What both excites and pains him most about Sattler is that there are more opportunities to learn and serve than he can take. Graham is thrilled to represent the vivacious class of 2024. He loves to see teams that seek to understand one another and embrace differences, characteristics he tries to foster in his class.

Sophomore Class Representative: Graham is the communication line between the Sophomore class and the Council. He relays questions, concerns, and ideas from his constituency for Council consideration.