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Clubs and Associations

An Integral Part of Sattler Community

Clubs are the perfect place for students to make friends, develop skills, and have fun at college. With a range of goals, activities, and personalities, Sattler’s seven clubs are a great opportunity for students to grow personally and professionally in an extracurricular setting. 

Student Leadership Opportunities

Clubs also offer a great opportunity for students to participate in leadership activities by serving on the club council. Most clubs have at least President, Treasurer, and Secretary positions, and these club positions can help students develop team-building, decision-making, and leadership skills.

Read more about each of the Sattler clubs below. For students who are considering joining a club as a fun extra to their Sattler life, all clubs welcome visitors.

Choir club icon

Choir Club

Sattler Choir club

Choir Club, Sattler’s very first student club, continues to draw new members who are passionate about choral music and singing together.

Choir Club is intended to be a space for students to relax, connect with fellow students, and worship God. Throughout the semester, the choir learns, practices, and perfect several choral arrangements to perform at the end of the semester.

coders club icon

C.O.D.E.R.S. Club

Coders Club Meeting

Sattler’s C.O.D.E.R.S Club is a team of aspiring technical minds joining forces to address social needs through connection, creation, and inspiration. CODERS club is the perfect club for Computer Science majors.

Every week, the club meets to learn coding tips and tricks, implement their code in team projects, and develop their own personal and professional skills.  As the club matures, its members hope to develop software that will benefit non-profits, the church, and society.

debate club icon

Debate Club

Debate Club 2-2Debate Club is the perfect opportunity for students to hone their critical thinking, rhetorical, and analytical skills. The club meets weekly to debate and help each other learn and grow through constructive feedback.

As club members prepare and participate in regular debates with their fellow club members, they also have an opportunity to research and craft arguments about important issues. Debate Club is ultimately preparing members to understand and articulate truth, equipping them to effectively communicate the most important truth of all: the gospel.

Theater club icon

Sattler Ampitheatron

Ampitheatron Job presentation 1

Sattler’s newest club, the Sattler Ampitheatron (aka Theater Club), exists to provide students with an opportunity to develop their ability to convey truth through the medium of speech and drama.

The Ampitheatron aims to help students develop their individual talents, encourage their fellow club members, and inspire the community with thought-provoking productions.

Solidarity club icon

Solidarity Club

Solidarity club picture


“Out of the campus, into the streets.” Sattler Solidarity Club meets weekly to facilitate member education, conversation, prayer, and action regarding relevant issues and needs.

The word solidarity means shared interests, objectives, standards, and sympathies.

Sattler students unite in solidarity to address local needs, problems, and crises through education, prayer, and community involvement.

M 29 icon

Matthew 29 Union

Matthew 29 Union club meeting

Sattler’s Matthew 29 Union is based on the Great Commission and exists to make disciples who make disciples. Each member of the Union is committed to fervent prayer and at least weekly evangelism encounters.

The union also meets together weekly to encourage each other through sharing evangelistic experiences, praying together, and creating habits to develop a lifestyle of evangelism.

Pre-Health icon

Pre-Health Association

Pre-Health picture


The Sattler Pre-Health Association aims to unite and equip students pursuing health careers. This is accomplished by building medical networks, compiling resources, and offering speaker events.

The community and resources of the association help pre-health students stay on track and motivated amidst the academic rigor of Sattler's biology track.