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Who is Michael Sattler?

Michael Sattler was a martyr who lived in the 1500’s. He was a leader of the early Anabaptist churches and was put on trial for his beliefs. Sattler gave an incredibly able defense of his position, but still the authorities decided to condemn both him and his wife, and about 20 others that he was captured with. He died with such joy and tranquility, loving and blessing his enemies, that it inspired hundreds, maybe even thousands more to join this nascent movement.

Michael Sattler was a man who was compelling because he embodied the three virtues found in 2 Timothy 1:7 - power, love, and a sound mind. These three virtues when brought together represent the goal of what discipleship should be and certainly education. Sattler was an excellent scholar, he knew Hebrew, Greek, and Latin and was committed to understand the scriptures. He was a man who loved the church, who was willing to bleed and die with the church. He was a man of great power as well, he was a tremendous leader, he knew how to organize people and is credited as being one of the leaders of the radical reformation. Michael Sattler represents the best of what we ought to be aspiring to as student and parents.