Campus Visit Travel Reimbursement 

Campus Visit Travel Reimbursement

Visiting our campus remains one of the best ways to feel the heartbeat of Sattler College. If you are an admitted student, an in-progress applicant, a prospective student, or offering guidance to prospective students, we would love to host you on campus. Visit any time between now and the end of the semester (May 14, 2023), and let us cover part of your travel costs.

Click on the categories below to see how much reimbursement you may qualify for. For each category below, the amount is per household. You are welcome to bring family or friend(s) but if they don’t fit one of the following categories, unfortunately, they don’t qualify for reimbursement. For example, if you’re an in-progress applicant and visit campus with your parents, you are eligible for $300 in travel reimbursement among the three of you.

To take advantage of this offer, click here to schedule your visit.

If you have questions or special requests please contact Austin Lapp, the Director of Admissions, at

If you are an admitted student (your application has been reviewed and you have received an offer of admission), you are eligible to receive up to $400 in travel reimbursement. If you are married and both you and your spouse are admitted, you are each eligible for this amount.

If you have an application in progress (started or submitted but have not received a decision), you are eligible to receive up to $300 in travel reimbursement. If you are married and both you and your spouse are applying, you are each eligible for this amount.

If you are a prospective Sattler student (considering applying but have not yet started an application), you are eligible to receive up to $200 in travel reimbursement. High School Week attendance is excluded.

If you are considering recommending someone to come to Sattler and would like to experience Sattler for yourself, you are eligible to receive up to $100 in travel reimbursement. This includes parents, church leaders, mentors, teachers, or similar). Not eligible for married discounts (see below). High School Week attendance is excluded. 

What qualifies as travel cost?

Qualified costs are restricted to airfare, train tickets, bus tickets, fuel, toll, parking, and lodging. Costs associated with traveling around the city after arriving (e.g. T or Uber) do not qualify. Food is not included.

You are responsible for your own travel arrangements. If you wish to be reimbursed, you must keep receipts of your qualifying expenses and follow the instructions sent via email after your visit. 

When possible we will arrange for you to stay in our dorms in Back Bay. There may be times when this is not feasible (dorms are full or you have a family). When this is the case you will be responsible for securing your own housing whether at a friend’s house, a hotel, or an Airbnb. 

How do I qualify?

If you want to take advantage of this offer, we’d love for you to spend at least two days with the Sattler community. This can include time on campus while classes are in session or a weekend day spending time with students in the dorm or getting a tour from students or staff around the city.

If you have already visited campus, you can still qualify for reimbursement for another visit if (1) you are currently applying to Sattler College or (2) you have received an offer of admission.

If you have already visited the campus but don’t meet the above criteria, we’d love to have you visit but you’ll get to pay your way. 

What about married couples and families?

Our incoming classes usually include married couples and/or families.

If you are married and fall into one of the above categories (submitted, in progress, or prospective student) and want to bring your spouse and/or children along you are eligible for an additional $100 reimbursement for your spouse. For example, if you have an application in progress and visit with your wife and children, you qualify for $300 plus an additional $100 for your wife.


Below is a sample schedule:

Friday Morning:

  • Fly into Boston Logan and bring public transport to campus.
  • Sit in on classes throughout the morning.
  • Meet a professor and students from your program of choice for lunch.
  • Get a campus tour.
  • Visit afternoon classes.
  • Be at the dorms for dinner and the evening. Sleep at the dorms.


  • Breakfast at the dorms.
  • Get a tour of some favorite student locations in Back Bay.
  • Go out for lunch with Sattler students and/or staff.
  • Explore on your own Saturday afternoon and evening.


  • Breakfast at the dorms.
  • Attend Sattler Chapel at the dorms at 10:30.
  • Take public transport to Boston Logan for your outbound flight.