Paul Lamicela, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Paul Lamicela received his PhD in biblical theology from Southern Seminary (where he also earned his MDiv). His dissertation was on 2 Peter’s use of the Old Testament under Thomas R. Schreiner. Dr. Lamicela’s academic emphasis is in NT use of the OT, approaches to biblical hermeneutics, and the relationship between OT and NT more broadly. He is also interested in literary approaches to the Bible, and in the study of historical and cultural backgrounds.

For the past several years, Dr. Lamicela has taught classes in PA on “Understanding the Biblical Storyline.” He is passionate about helping people encounter the truth, goodness, and beauty of Scripture’s grand story.

Dr. Lamicela is a very happy husband to Laura, and a member of Charity Christian Fellowship in Leola, PA. He and Laura love to travel and to cook and taste foods from around the world.