Cody Sensenig

Dorm Coordinator

Cody Sensenig graduated with honors from Sattler College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and minor in Computer Science. He was blessed to be part of Sattler’s inaugural graduating class of 2022. Before coming to Sattler, Cody spent 12 years in Asia (China and Tibet) as a missionary kid. While living in Tibet, he helped his family to start a hostel focused on building inroads into the local community. His time in Asia has equipped him with a passion for diverse cultures, the mindset of a global citizen, and a deep-seated desire to see business advance the Kingdom of God. Since returning to the United States and attending Sattler College he has worn many hats such as Sales Intern for Eventide Asset Management, Business Development Rep for Pathway Law, and Ecosystem Consultant for Partners Worldwide, among others.

Outside of his work at Sattler College, Cody has a passion for the church and raising up strong leaders that catalyze change in their homes, churches and communities. Cody and his wife Katelyn, who both grew up in large cities—Chengdu (13 Million) and NYC (9 Million)—love urban living. However, they also covet their escapes into nature to hike, kayak and camp on occasion. Both have a passion for foster care and hope to be involved with it someday.